The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday  I found myself in quite a pickle. I was out walking my dogs and my three year old was riding his scooter. Somehow my bigger dog got the tendon of her back leg quite inextricably caught in the metal lever part of her leash. There was absolutely no way to get it off. I called my husband but he was in a meeting at work and couldn’t come. My dog was howling in pain. My child was leaving the scene with my other dog. I was quite overwhelmed.

Some people in my neighborhood driving by heard my dog squealing and stopped to help me. It was a woman I had seen walking her dogs before and about four men she had in her vehicle. They quickly assessed the situation. One of the men folk said he would have to cut the metal to get her free. He drove to his home and got a dremel to cut through the metal. These men  were in the street on the ground with me holding my dog down. Meanwhile the other fella was cutting the metal, and the lady was watching my son and my other dog.  They freed my dog.  They were in nice clothes and got a little blood on their hands.  I was so overwhelmed I looked at all of them afterwards and just burst into tears. I was so appreciative of the kindness they had shown.  The lady embraced me and said it was ok, she understood, and would see me around. They all got back into the vehicle and drove away.

Afterwards I felt so impotent. I wanted to thank them appropriately. I wanted to give them something. I hated that there was nothing I could do. I know the lady lives in my neighborhood. I hope to see her again one day when I’m not so emotional. Until then I will pay it forward and try to help someone else.

Afterwards I found myself thinking of the episode of The Simpsons when they did a production of a Streetcar Named Desire.  They sang a nifty little song, these are the lyrics:

You can always depend on the kindness of

To pluck up your spirits, and shield you from

Now here’s a tip from Blanche you won’t

A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met…
You haven’t met…


Anyway moving on from the sappy stuff.  I made some pattern weights.

IMG_5803 IMG_5804I used scraps and filled them with rice. They were an instant hit with my kids. I will have to make them some.

I hope your week started out better than mine. I regret that my dog got hurt, but I love that I was able to experience the kindness of strangers. It really has rid me of some of the cynicism and fear that the media likes to plant in our hearts.


Antibiotics Were Taken

I’ve spent the last week of my life in horrible pain and misery, and its all my fault.  I had the worst sore throat of my life last Thursday.  I would rather have another child than to have a sore throat like that again. I called my doctor on Friday and her office was closed.  (Another piece of advice, don’t listen to your husband.) So my husband says well don’t go to urgent care it costs more and takes longer, etc. I wish I had gone to urgent care. I suffered so much over the weekend.  I did not get to enjoy Halloween. I lost several crafting days. To make a long story short my suffering got better but my body was not pulling me out of it like it should. Yesterday I finally got to see my doctor and after one day on antibiotics I’m like my old self again.  Go to the doctor people, get those pills. If your doctor isn’t open tell your husband yes I need urgent care and push him down. Trust me on this one.

The Mushroom Asiago Chicken I mentioned in my last post was a disappointment.

IMG_5603My husband loved it. My tastes must be less sophisticated. It tasted too “winey” for me.

On Sunday I felt less sick so I finished my Necessary Clutch Wallet. This pattern seems to me like the Monkey Socks of the bag sewing world. Everyone seems to have made it or is making one. Here is my version.


IMG_5789This pattern was hard for me the first go round. It required husband help. I messed up some of my credit card slots but there are way more than I would ever need that work. I broke several needles on this one. I love the resulting wallet though. My things dont fall out of it like they did in the first wallet I made. I got to put in my first serious hardware with the little heart lock (husband had to help with that.) It was definitely a learning process and I would make it again. A lot of cute ones are popping up on facebook. My mom saw mine and she said, “you made that? It looks professional.” That made me feel great especially with all the mistakes that are so glaring to me.

I’ve started some English Paper Piecing. I’m working on this here project, Hexie Diamond Pillow. I love this project so far because I can work on it while spending time with my family. I don’t have to leave the room to go to my sewing machine. Here are some of my basted hexies.

IMG_5801If you haven’t tried EPP you should. Its fun!

On my Blue Sand Cardigan I’m almost to the sleeves. I’m afraid I’m going to run out of yarn. I refuse to face that reality just yet. I think if I do run out of yarn I will put the whole thing aside and come back to it in a year and frog it. The thought just makes me ill. Keep your fingers crossed for me.




A Crafting Hole Has Been Created

My crafting life has been consumed with my latest quilt for the past few weeks. It took a day or two for me to adjust to the fact that it was completed and in its new home.  The quilt turned out 96×96, and I free motioned it on my Bernina. He performed like a champ and the bsr made quilting this a pleasure. It only took a few days to quilt it. I’ve taken longer on much smaller quilts because the machine I was using didn’t exactly make it easy.  I basted this quilt on my bed. It was a lot easier than crawling around on the floor. I had a few puckers but a lot less than when I floor baste. All in all this went well and my mother liked it a lot. Now I find myself thinking what next?




When I would wake up from my quilting haze a few things were completed around the house. The hubs and the kids carved some pumpkins. My son is three so my husband did his but my daughter did hers by herself.

IMG_5579I also tried a new recipe.

IMG_5577Apple Cider Donut Muffins. The glaze was good. I’m not impressed with the muffins. I felt they should have been sweeter.  Tonight I’m going to be trying out Mushroom Asiago Chicken. I have high hopes for this recipe.

I hate Halloween. Im the Halloween Grinch, but I won’t begrudge everyone else their Halloween. So have a good one.



A Quilt Top Was Finished

I started a replacement quilt for my mom after I abandoned the last one. The piecing on this one went really quickly as well, but this time I’m happy with the results. The pattern is called Big City Quilt. The pattern says its great when you want a large quilt with little fuss. That’s a pretty accurate description. I did the king/queen size and I did not feel overwhelmed by the process. Check back with me after i start quilting it. I’m sure I will feel overwhelmed then.  The pattern is great. Its a small tiny little booklet, but it gives you all the information you need to make the process fun and simple. I would make this again in a second.

IMG_5503The size makes it hard to photograph. Not enough space on the ground. (I wonder if I will ever miss the days of toys being in the background of my pictures.) I bought some quilting stencils to see if that will help with my free motion quilting. With the stencils and the bernina bsr unit I’m excited to get started.

I’ve been eyeing dress forms and mannequins for about a year now. Rather than paying the high price tag for one I would rather put that money into fabric or yarn, therefore I’ve held off on buying one. I found one on amazon that was on sale. It was normally 85 and I got it for 65. I also had 27 dollars in citi card points so I had to buy it.

IMG_5504It’s a size 12-14. I wish I was that small, but the sizing difference won’t really matter. I plan to use it for photographing knits and bags I sew.

On to the very little knitting news I have….

I finally have all the stitches picked up for the neckband of my Blue Sand Cardigan. Next is tons of stitches in ribbing, and more short row shaping *sigh*.