Accessories Were Created

When I decided I wanted to really learn how to sew the main thing I wanted to make were bags.  I like bags what can I say. The idea of being able to provide myself with a new bag whenever I wanted that was 50 dollars or less was exciting. As a new sewist I never created anything I wanted to actually carry out in the world. I was disappointed. I’ve had a few self declared successes in my bag making attempts and more than a few failures. The following is a failure. Wonk wonk.



Sewing the zipper gusset onto this thing was HARD. The rounded corners made it near impossible. After ripping it apart a few times I was ready to settle for just good enough for the thing to stay together. IMG_6151I really like the interior of the wallet and that it has two exterior zippered pockets. I’m going to use it despite the fact that it looks like a three year old made it.  It really is quite functional if you can get the darn thing sewn together. It fits my giant iphone 6 plus quite nicely. I truly believe this wallet did not come together right due to my lack of precision in making of the individual parts.  There were a lot of firsts in this project for me. I think I will try it again in the future. The above pattern came from an etsy shop. Her version is much cuter than mine.  My Necessary Clutch Wallet had to be replaced. The hardware kept popping open and credit cards went a’flyin several times. Can’t have that.

I also made a bag. My fabric selection might be too cutesy for me. You would think when you are picking fabric for yourself you could avoid making that mistake. Guess not!

IMG_6148 IMG_6149_2This one is the Bonnie Bag from Emmaline Bags.  My first proper zippered bag. That in itself excites me. The making of this bag went very smoothly and I’m pleased with it.  The question is can a grey loving person such as myself pull off so much pink?…

My sweet puppy is turning one this week. Happy Birthday Basil mommy loves you.  (Wait dogs can’t read).



An Ugly Quilt Was Finished

The ugly quilt top is now a quilt.  I was happy to hand it off to my mom. I wouldn’t normally give my mother something I thought was ugly but she insisted.


Enjoy the ginormous picture of my failure! Happy Turkey Day.


Bubbles Were Made

I can hardly believe it. I’ve finished more knitting! I felt this pressing need to finish knitting all my winter accessories for the kids due to the “polar blast” we experienced last week. My daughter wanted a scarf in her favorite color. Of course I was more than happy to do that for her.

I started this in September. Realistically September to November for a knit isn’t horrible, but for some reason I feel it should have been done faster? I need to ease up on myself. I don’t knit that fast.

The pattern is Bubblemania.


The pattern is for a scarf but at the end of my yarn it wasn’t long enough so I did a three needle bind off and made it into a cowl. The yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering and the color is Completely Bonkers.


My dressform was excited to have booked her first modeling gig. She did well.

IMG_6037I have a hard time blocking cowls.  I wanted to block this one much more aggressively, but I have a block in my brain and can’t figure out how to effectively block cowls. Maybe I just need more patience and more pins.

I’m binding off the body of my BlueSand Cardigan. Just the sleeves to go!


Bread Was Baked

My husband has tried several times to master baking things with yeast. It hasn’t ever gone perfectly. My husband is a great cook. These facts have left me afraid to try anything involving yeast. I being the lesser cook in the household saw his failures as a warning.  I’m glad I got over that fear because I made some yummy sandwich bread. It’s perfect and we love it.


This was the second rise. Making bread is actually fun. Granted my stand mixer did most of the work!


I hadn’t had fresh warm out of the oven bread since the second grade when we took a field trip to the Mrs Bairds factory.  It was very good.

IMG_5955My picky children liked the bread also. The crust was nice with a little bit of a chew to it. My daughter always removes the crusts of her bread. She ate the crusts this time.  The recipe was great. It was very easy for a first timer to follow.

The weather has turned prematurely cold down here in Texas.  Of course once I had given up knitting hats for my children my son decided he wanted one. He was wearing my hand knit hat that was way too big for him. I had to immediately start a hat for him. This was finished in two days. Stripes in the round are kind of wonky but here it is.

IMG_5971I have no idea what yarn I used. It’s yarn I’ve had for a while. Everything is being knit with stash yarn these days. The pattern  (if you wanna call it a pattern) is my own.  I think the next hat I make will have different crown decreases.

IMG_5974He likes it.