A Repeat Was Sewn

I’ve been on a quest to sew a good wallet lately. They have all had their little flaws and that has made me even more determined to get a good one made. I’ve probably spent about 40 dollars on patterns when all along the perfect wallet has been sitting quietly on the hard drive waiting for a second chance.

I made another Necessary Clutch Wallet. This time with the facebook group devoted to this wallet and the mistakes I made on the last one I was able to make a wallet that I’m happy with.


There were problems along the way and a few broken needles, but this version is vastly improved over my first try.


I’m done buying wallet patterns. I’ve got a nice little library now and the NCW is a pretty darn good little wallet.

I bought a few zipper pulls on etsy (they call them charms). IMG_6201I haven’t been knitting much lately due to the sewing frenzy. Now that the parade of wallets is over I might get in a few stitches.


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