Bubbles Were Made

I can hardly believe it. I’ve finished more knitting! I felt this pressing need to finish knitting all my winter accessories for the kids due to the “polar blast” we experienced last week. My daughter wanted a scarf in her favorite color. Of course I was more than happy to do that for her.

I started this in September. Realistically September to November for a knit isn’t horrible, but for some reason I feel it should have been done faster? I need to ease up on myself. I don’t knit that fast.

The pattern is Bubblemania.


The pattern is for a scarf but at the end of my yarn it wasn’t long enough so I did a three needle bind off and made it into a cowl. The yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering and the color is Completely Bonkers.


My dressform was excited to have booked her first modeling gig. She did well.

IMG_6037I have a hard time blocking cowls.  I wanted to block this one much more aggressively, but I have a block in my brain and can’t figure out how to effectively block cowls. Maybe I just need more patience and more pins.

I’m binding off the body of my BlueSand Cardigan. Just the sleeves to go!


One thought on “Bubbles Were Made

  1. This turned out so lovely! I love the airy pattern with the texture. It’s going to be wonderfully warm and squishy for your daughter this winter (and I’m sure, you’ll want to borrow it too!)

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