Bread Was Baked

My husband has tried several times to master baking things with yeast. It hasn’t ever gone perfectly. My husband is a great cook. These facts have left me afraid to try anything involving yeast. I being the lesser cook in the household saw his failures as a warning.  I’m glad I got over that fear because I made some yummy sandwich bread. It’s perfect and we love it.


This was the second rise. Making bread is actually fun. Granted my stand mixer did most of the work!


I hadn’t had fresh warm out of the oven bread since the second grade when we took a field trip to the Mrs Bairds factory.  It was very good.

IMG_5955My picky children liked the bread also. The crust was nice with a little bit of a chew to it. My daughter always removes the crusts of her bread. She ate the crusts this time.  The recipe was great. It was very easy for a first timer to follow.

The weather has turned prematurely cold down here in Texas.  Of course once I had given up knitting hats for my children my son decided he wanted one. He was wearing my hand knit hat that was way too big for him. I had to immediately start a hat for him. This was finished in two days. Stripes in the round are kind of wonky but here it is.

IMG_5971I have no idea what yarn I used. It’s yarn I’ve had for a while. Everything is being knit with stash yarn these days. The pattern  (if you wanna call it a pattern) is my own.  I think the next hat I make will have different crown decreases.

IMG_5974He likes it.