Antibiotics Were Taken

I’ve spent the last week of my life in horrible pain and misery, and its all my fault.  I had the worst sore throat of my life last Thursday.  I would rather have another child than to have a sore throat like that again. I called my doctor on Friday and her office was closed.  (Another piece of advice, don’t listen to your husband.) So my husband says well don’t go to urgent care it costs more and takes longer, etc. I wish I had gone to urgent care. I suffered so much over the weekend.  I did not get to enjoy Halloween. I lost several crafting days. To make a long story short my suffering got better but my body was not pulling me out of it like it should. Yesterday I finally got to see my doctor and after one day on antibiotics I’m like my old self again.  Go to the doctor people, get those pills. If your doctor isn’t open tell your husband yes I need urgent care and push him down. Trust me on this one.

The Mushroom Asiago Chicken I mentioned in my last post was a disappointment.

IMG_5603My husband loved it. My tastes must be less sophisticated. It tasted too “winey” for me.

On Sunday I felt less sick so I finished my Necessary Clutch Wallet. This pattern seems to me like the Monkey Socks of the bag sewing world. Everyone seems to have made it or is making one. Here is my version.


IMG_5789This pattern was hard for me the first go round. It required husband help. I messed up some of my credit card slots but there are way more than I would ever need that work. I broke several needles on this one. I love the resulting wallet though. My things dont fall out of it like they did in the first wallet I made. I got to put in my first serious hardware with the little heart lock (husband had to help with that.) It was definitely a learning process and I would make it again. A lot of cute ones are popping up on facebook. My mom saw mine and she said, “you made that? It looks professional.” That made me feel great especially with all the mistakes that are so glaring to me.

I’ve started some English Paper Piecing. I’m working on this here project, Hexie Diamond Pillow. I love this project so far because I can work on it while spending time with my family. I don’t have to leave the room to go to my sewing machine. Here are some of my basted hexies.

IMG_5801If you haven’t tried EPP you should. Its fun!

On my Blue Sand Cardigan I’m almost to the sleeves. I’m afraid I’m going to run out of yarn. I refuse to face that reality just yet. I think if I do run out of yarn I will put the whole thing aside and come back to it in a year and frog it. The thought just makes me ill. Keep your fingers crossed for me.