I Did Stuff

Last week after my perceived epic quilt fail I decided to make a bag I had been wanting to make for a while. Instead of relying upon my husband or daughter for help in fabric choices I went to a Facebook group I belong to. I’ve found a new enthusiastic helper in the masses on facebook. Its great! I laid out my fabric choices, took a picture and received feedback. After my fabrics were given the green light I was a woman possessed.  I made a bag with a zippered pocket and two other pockets in a day. That is a new record for me. Even with the speedy turnaround it did not turn into a big ole pile of ugly.

IMG_5284It’s a pretty big bag which I love. The pattern is called Mail Sack I think. Im sure I posted about it before.  The zipper inserting gets easier and easier every time. I love when I can see improvement in my sewing skills.

While we are on the topic of sewing I’m making a pillow. It’s a pattern from Quilty Magazine. I think its called Party Pillow. I started it without reading the whole pattern (seriously who does that?). So when I got to the paper piecing portion I had no choice but to dive in. There were some hiccups. Luckily I have extra fabric. I’ve completed two out of the eight starts that I have to make requiring the paper piecing.



There is a bit of a pucker but I can live with that. I don’t think it will be that noticeable once I quilt the pillow. The large stars require no paper piecing and were easy to put together.



I also got a great deal on some quilting cotton on fabric.com. I ordered ten yards of each color. Thats enough to back two king size quilts I think.  Less than three dollars a yard if I remember correctly.




So my children are over a decade away from vacating one of my future craft rooms, in the meantime I needed better storage. My husband, sensing my tremendous need, came up with some shelving for me.  I now have what I refer to as my fabric shop in the closet under the stairs (try saying that in one breath!)



I know it looks messy but it frees up quite a bit of walking space in there now. Before you could not see floor. I won’t gush about how wonderful and supportive my husband is. (I guess that was a gush.)

Now on to the doing things portion of this post.  I went to my very first orchid show. It was exciting to talk to people who are orchid nerds.  I got to leave the kids with grandma to boot! My husband and I got to experience a bit of celebrity there. At check in we talked to the ladies and I told them how I grow under lights. Word got out and people had questions. They actually came and found us to talk about it. It was fun and I came home with a few new orchids. Here are some pictures of what we saw.

IMG_5323 IMG_5321 IMG_5308 IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5305
My orchid obsession has been re-invigorated.

J, I think you have given me the umph I need to finish my quilt. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know if I would enjoy blogging as much if it weren’t for J & P my kind comment leavers from the north. Thank you.



So the quilt top I’ve been working on is completed. It’s all botched to hell and back. I don’t even know if I’m going to finish the thing. Its such a bitter pill to swallow.

IMG_5267The pattern said to use two different blues for the circles. They clearly didn’t mean that. My circles are all kinds of different sizes and shades of blue. The lesson I learned is that if the picture doesn’t match the instructions don’t follow the instructions.

In happier news, my Jamberry nails for the week.



Last night the baby fell asleep at 7:30pm instead of 1:00 am, and it was a school night so my daughter was in bed by 8. It’s rare that both are asleep at the same time. I thought I would do something wild and crazy with my unexpected free time. I would attempt to start and finish a sewing project in once evening. Pandora was being a good d.j. and things were going swimmingly. 2am rolls around and I’m thinking by george I’m almost done with a nifty little wallet here. Riding high on my cloud of elation I was turning everything right side out when I saw it. A highly visible unfinished edge showing when it should not be.  It was the zippered pocket and it was not salvageable. I went to bed feeling mighty sad.  In the morning I cleaned up my giant mess and decided to try again. I’m glad I did.




It’s a pretty nifty useable wallet. It tested my Bernina with all the layers. I’m glad to say he passed with flying colors.
IMG_5276This was the perfect project for me to get to know my new machine better. There was lots of changing of the sewing feet; going back and forth between stitches, and sewing of multiple layers of fabric. (Somehow I don’t feel I doctored that run-on sentence correctly).I also learned how to insert a zipper without a zipper foot.  I love this wallet and I plan to make more.  Hopefully with each subsequent wallet the final product will improve.

Some new fabric arrived in the post. This batch was from Stitch Stash Diva on Etsy.




Well the first bout of illness for the school year has hit my house. Combine my illness with my late night sewing marathon and I’m knackered. I can’t think of a better excuse to end a post.  Have a good week.




My Week

Here is a breakdown of the week so far. Its been chock full of adventure (ha!)


A finished quilt square.


The littlest little and I went to the park.



He said no pictures at the park. He cracks me up.


I had breakfast with friends and my brother. That’s always fun.


Then the littlest little and I had fun at the library. It was national play-doh day! We got a cool recipe for play-doh and he got to play.



My Jamberry nail wraps came in the mail. The wraps I applied are called Orchid Ombre.

IMG_5246They look lovely, but are definitely not going to hold up for the two weeks advertised. I think it might be user error. It was my first time applying them, and doing my right hand was hard. Luckily for Jamberry I bought five sheets of different wraps so I’m not giving up.

The kids had swim lessons on Tuesday as well. My son had to pee during the lesson. I returned him to the instructor and as I was leaving the pool room when I slipped and fell. Nothing worse than a fat person falling in public. Luckily all the viewing windows around the pool were fogged so maybe four people saw max. Outside of the embarrassment I’m fine.

Wednesday: We had to brave torrential rain to get to Kohls to replace a broken backpack. As long as my princess is happy.

IMG_5251She’s much more adventurous when it comes to fashion. Even as a child I would never have picked a zebra/rainbow patterned backpack. It works for her though.

Thursday: One of three fabric parcels arrived.

IMG_5249I tried to step out of my color comfort zone with this order. Notice the absence of pink, grey, or blue.

On Thursday night I created this lovely pile of fabric.



For some reason I love these little piles that are created when squaring up blocks.


Friday has just started but there has been activity. The dogs managed to get to my knitpicks catalog while I was in the shower. There was paper all over the downstairs. Luckily for them I think they are just dumb cute dogs. I can’t stay mad at them.

Next there was breakfast. My kids love frozen pancakes and waffles so my husband suggested I make and freeze my own. I made a small batch to freeze this morning.


We will see if they get eaten. Kids can be weird and finicky. The lack of store boughtness might make them inedible.

The schools have early release today. After I pick up my daughter we might make some play-doh.

Have a good weekend.





Backlog of Squares

I’m still enjoying making these squares. I have also learned how to embrace their imperfections. I’m excited to get this top done so I can quilt it. The Bernina BSR is calling my name. Will it help with my fmq? Stay tuned. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


I had to break out a different shade of blue for the last squares here. A part of me is scared this quilt top won’t work out well. I’m silencing that part of me.