Has It Been That Long?

So we got our second bundle of fur in May. It’s been so long since I’ve finished knitting something that he has never seen a finished knit.

IMG_5161The poor puppy is alarmed.

“Whats this?”

IMG_5163“An object made out of the string I kept stealing?”

This required further investigation and some deeper sniffing.

Puppy’s first encounter with a knit. He’s been with us almost four months and this is the first thing I’ve finished. I started Frambuesa on April 29th. It’s an easy straight forward pattern that took me forever to complete. I will blame other crafts competing for my time and the addition of the pup that is bewildered by knits.

IMG_5200I had to mod this pattern just a little bit to fit my foot. I added a few stockinette stitches, and tried to retain the spacing of the diamond things.

IMG_5176After I finished these socks I told my husband that other knitters have husbands who can take good pictures of socks. Why can’t he. He says its because he didn’t have a camera as a  child. I blame a lack of drive to help his wife!  So I have to keep taking pictures of my socks on my own. I need to bite the bullet and buy a plastic foot on ebay.

The yarn is Hazel Knits Piquant Lite (my new favorite) in Citrus Blossom.

Now that I’ve got these babies completed it’s back to my Foxy Loop that has been languishing since December.





Poolside Tote

My children and the dogs took over the house for three days, but by george I have a new tote. My kids take swimming lessons and my current bag was over stuffed. Lately I start to shop for things, and then I think I can make that. It may not be as jazzy, but at least it costs less. It just so happens the day that I finished the Poolside Tote we were going to my dads to swim. So it held swim stuff for not two, but three people.

DSCN0290I love the large zippered pocket. I’m glad I picked that instead of the slip pocket option. It gives my phone a false sense of security.  If you look closely you can see there is a hook for your keys. The exterior of the bag is organic canvas cotton which I got on sale at Bloomerie. The interior and accents are linen I got on sale at Joann’s (linen is still expensive even on sale!) I’m happy with it. I read too many blogs.  I think they take a little joy away from my sewing. I always think my things aren’t as smart or as jazzy as everyone else’s. I need to stop the comparisons. I’m a novice at sewing who is horrible at photography. I will get there someday.


Taming the Fro’

Before I get to the title of my post I just want to say that frogging a large circular shawl is no fun. I found a mistake about five rows back. I couldn’t drop down and fix it. I had to take it off the needles undo those rows. Then get all 500+ teeny tiny stitches back on the needles. Tonight will be the second night I’m working on getting back to knitting the shawl. I was ready to throw the whole thing away when I found the mistake, but I’ve put so much work in. I can put a few nights into fixing it considering all the nights I put into knitting it.

I’ve always wanted one of those turban headband thingies. Thanks to a nice youtube tutorial by the Crafty Gemini I had one in about ten minutes.

photoMy daughter stole it. So then I had to make another one.

I made this one a little wider for my large hair and head.

photo 1

This should tame my fro quite nicely.

They also have some no sew “turband’s” on youtube but I like the security that sewing provides.

I finished block number three and then I realized I have no more fabric for the main portion of the quilt block. There is more on the way. Moving on…



I was looking for a large cross body bag to buy and then I realized I can just make one. So I ordered this pattern from amazon.


Its exactly what I wanted. I have a Vera Bradley cross body but its too small for all my stuff. I love having my hands free and not having to worry about a purse slipping off my shoulder while Im dealing with kids or dogs or groceries.  We will see if I can get this one sewn properly.

I’ve got several bags in the pipeline. I just ordered a bunch of hardware from EmmalineBags in Canada. I’m going to sew this bag and I’m scared its beyond my skills.


I’m going to take my time and do it to the best of my ability! I will wear it proudly even if its shoddily made.  I plan to use this fabric for the exterior.



I’m also going to make a Poolside Tote . My current tote for the kids swim lessons isn’t cutting it.

Well this is a longer than average post so I will end it. Have a good weekend.




This one went a little bit better, but the seams still aren’t matching up perfectly. This quilt is for my mom. She will love it regardless, but the seams are still irking me. We will see if things get better as I go along. I’m taking my time and trying to do things as best as I can. I guess thats all I can do.