I Got Some Stuff

I got a nice coupon code from Bloomerie for 22% off so I had to indulge a bit.


I wanted to add to my blackish fabrics (of which I previously had none). I joined the bag of the month pattern club and so I have a bag in mind for the black and red flower fabric. IMG_5139A few weeks ago I ripped out a lot of stitching on the quilt I’m hand quilting. The hardest part of the ripping out process was removing the thread after I had cut it. So this little seam fix do hicky is supposed to take care of that. The white bobs on both ends remove the threads for ya, like an eraser. I haven’t used it yet but I’m hopeful.

Here is a gratuitous shot of the puppies.



They want cheese.


I Couldn’t Resist

It seemed to me like it had been a while since I’ve blogged, but it’s been less than ten days. I’ve been so busy I feel like I’ve let a lot of things go by the wayside.

I went to check on things at bloglovin and I had 62 posts to read. I’ve never had that many to read. I haven’t been knitting or sewing either. I can’t remember the last time I finished any knitting. So what’s been going on around here? I got a second puppy again. After adding a second puppy the first time around didn’t work out we swore never again but I just couldn’t let go of the idea. My husband wasn’t really excited about a second puppy, but he said since I do all the work it was my decision. So I decided to get a little puppy that was what I wanted, a little designer mutt.

photo 1

He’s a Yorkie-Bichon. (He also poses for pictures! He moved his head this way and that for me until we got the perfect picture.)I think they are called Yo-chon’s? He’s not scruffy like this anymore he’s since been groomed. He’s named Charlie Smitty. My daughter thought of the middle name. I think she got it from an episode of Spongebob. He was born on Valentines Day. So far hes been a p.i.t.a but we love him. He came to us with ear mites and his fecal was positive for something that required medicine, but all that has been sorted out. He gets along with our current dog and they play the day away. He’s been with us for about seven days. The potty training is going ok. Our larger dog was potty trained rather quickly this one not so much but I’m working on it.  (Nevermind our couch. My son attacked it with a marker).

We’ve also had a birthday. My last little baby has turned three. I’m sad.

photo 2

Now that he has turned three we are working on potty training. So yeah I’m potty training a dog and a child. I’m going to try and not complain too much as its completely my fault. It’s been raining outside for days so running the new puppy out has not been fun. It’s like a swamp full of mosquitos out there!

Our other puppy is in puppy classes and she’s doing very well. She’s a star.

photo 3These two are a lot of work, but worth it!  So chaos is the word of the moment even more so than normal. I know this time in our lives will pass too quickly so I’m doing ok with it. Just pray I don’t get west nile from mosquito bites due to buying a puppy during summer.




Two Bag Weekend

This week as Mother’s Day was looming I had big plans forming in my head. I was going to do lots of sewing, change no diapers, wash zero dishes, and there would be no cooking. Today things went mostly went as planned. My husband made some delicious food, and even left the kitchen clean at the end of the day. I changed one diaper, and only watched the kids for an hour.  Im quite impressed with my hubby. He got me the grace frame I had been wanting. Its a lap frame for hand quilting. I also got two bags sewn this weekend. The first bag is the Sew Fun Boho Shoulder Bag. It came out ok….

IMG_4959It’s a really roomy bag and its fully reversible. I didn’t have a toggle button so I just omitted a closure on the bag. I’m meh on the end result. Its not the patterns fault at all. Its all user error. I put my pleats in the wrong location which left the bag distorted and wonky. The failure wasn’t so bad because I love the next bag I made.

I made another 241 Tote. Its beautiful and I love it more than any other bag I’ve ever made.

IMG_5018 IMG_4986This time I omitted the side pockets. I was still too lazy to put in the interior pocket. In using my previous version I just threw everything in the bag and didn’t use the pockets anyway. The old one broke due to me trying to use fabric I didn’t have enough of and crappy sewing on my part. This new one is super solid! My husband helped me pick the fabric, and the top stitching thread color. I told him he had a new job as my sewing design consultant. He’s not too happy about that.  If he didn’t want a job he shouldn’t have been so good at picking fabrics.  Happy Mother’s Day!



Another Divided Basket

What can I say? I like to make things to put things in. I love cubby holes, and buckets, and baskets, and boxes. My nightstand is getting pretty cluttered so I figured it was high time I made my own Divided Basket.


DSCN0230 DSCN0245It was hard to get the color right on this one. It was 9pm and the lighting is horrible. I would say the first picture is the most accurate. I couldn’t wait until the next day to take pictures because I want to fill it with things tonight! These divided baskets fit perfectly into the cubes of my shelves. The possibility of organization and cute fabrics excites me. Next on the agenda is another 241 Tote. I did find another cute pattern that I want to make. Its a Boho Shoulder Bag . I’ve already got the pattern. I just need to stash dive and see if I have any suitable fabric. Alright y’all thats it. Have a good weekend.