New Stitch Counters

I saw these on Ravelry and I wanted some immediately. I saw on the website that the shipping time is 5-7 business days so I didn’t order. I’m not horribly impatient, but I don’t like shipping delays. Transit delays I can deal with. So I put off ordering them. I finally gave in and color me surprised. They arrived in about three days.


photo 1 photo 2


They come in a large array of colors. They count all the way up to 9999 I think. You can wear them on your fingers or just have them sitting next to you. What I really like is they turn off on their own and when you push the large button it counts up from where you left off. It beats trying to wrestle my iphone away from the kids to use the counter I have on there.

I have two sweaters on the needles. One shawl and one cowl. I’m going through sock withdrawals but I have to be strong and finish something first.

Easter went pretty well. The kiddos had fun and the dog behaved herself pretty well. I was worried how she would act with a lot of people shes never met in the house. She was quite friendly. A little too friendly she knocked a few little ones over.



The kids managed to keep their clothes clean despite egg hunts outside and other such activities. We are heading into Fiesta season here so no more driving at night for fear of drunk drivers etc, but the kids get a three day weekend this week for a parade. Yay. Have a good week!


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