Tea Towels

I had some 100% cotton canvas type stuff lying around and I thought to myself what can be done with this. We always have a shortage of towels to dry hands with and to use in and around the kitchen so I made towels.

DSCN0129 DSCN0132

I just measured some of my pre existing towels added in seam allowances and sewed them. I read online that they will get softer and nicer the more you wash them and use them.

4 thoughts on “Tea Towels

  1. The real question is how do you get them to stay on the oven door handle? Mine are forever falling off. They spend more time on the floor than on the oven. I really like the one with the pink, green and black dots.

    When are you going to start making project bags, ahem?…..

    • Thanks Jennifer. They dont stay on the handle. Well sometimes they do it depends on the kids and the dog and how much pity they have on me that day. I don’t know that I will make project bags since I stopped using them. I do like making little makeup/notion bags.

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