Orchid Post

If you could care less about orchids stop reading now.

I don’t know if I’ve shared my orchid colleciton lately it’s grown a bit.



This picture above is my bottom row. All PhalaenopsisDSCN0066This is my top row. This row has Dendrobiums, Cattleya’s one Vanda and some of my larger Phal’s. The top row is generally all the large plants. I’ve switched over to growing semi-hydroponically and things have exploded with roots. Basically you use a clay aggregate and then I poke holes in little plastic cups to create a water reservoir. The clay aggregate wicks the moisture up into the roots. It prevents over watering for me.

orchids2.jpg Orchids.jpgThe photos above are all my phal’s that are currently in bloom.

DSCN0102This is my favorite Phal so far. It looks different from the others because its a species I think. Its called Fancy Free Scarlet Spring. Seeing this unique bloom has created a love for less generic supermarket orchids. I have two more species that I recently acquired and I just placed an order for three more.  They all have different colors and patterns and are summer bloomers. I hope they like it here and will bloom for me!

I got a new point and shoot camera, a nikon coolpix s6500. This way I can put off troubleshooting the big camera and still have decent pictures. I’m happy with it so far. It’s been an adjustment. I’m used to not having to deal with shutter lag, etc with the dslr camera. ¬†Both types of camera’s have their pro’s and con’s.

Well thats it for now. We will return to our regularly scheduled program with my next post!