241 Tote

Hi y’all. I finally got my butt in front of the sewing machine. I really wanted to make the 241 Tote.  Go look at Anna’s fabulous bag and then you will see how I messed up.

It didn’t take long for things to go wrong. I made a really rookie mistake and I didn’t read the directions before starting. I printed out the pattern pieces and didn’t realize I was supposed to tape them. So my center panel ended up in two pieces. The two pieces resulted in an unsightly line across the middle of my bags center panel that isn’t supposed to be there. Once I learned how to read things went pretty well. I had to piece my handle together because I didn’t have enough fabric, but I love the shape of the bag. I will be making another one.

photo 2-1 DSCN0175

See that line there across the middle…yeah not supposed to be there.

The bag comes with options for side zip pockets (which look really cool), but I don’t enjoy working with zippers yet. I can do it but its no fun. It also has a slip pocket for the inside but it was dinner time and I really wanted to finish this so I did not make it.

I  used to wonder if people thought I was weird for carrying a bag I’ve made myself. In the world of Coach and Michael Kors whats a girl to do with her handmade bags? Well I carry mine with pride. I don’t care.