Today I’m tired of blog titles. Or maybe I’m just grumpy because the super expensive cannon isn’t working. I really want a point and shoot camera. I think we bought way to much camera for this family and due to the price I’m way more disappointed in it when it doesn’t work. ¬†Anyway this isn’t a whine about camera’s blog but today’s post is brought to you by the iphone.

I got some new fabric from etsy. I should not be stashing fabric, but alas here we are!

photo 1

photo 2

The print above is my favorite.photo 4 photo 1 (1) photo 3

I got my vesper sock yarn way before it was supposed to ship. Thats always a plus. These are limited edition six stripe colors.

photo 2 photo 1The colors are Love Story and Rainbow Love

In other news I’m so tired of cold weather. I know; how dare I complain about 60 degrees during the day, but March is almost over and here in Texas that means it should be about 80 degrees. Polar vortex or whatever isn’t supposed to affect Texas. We are immune to such things.

The dog rearing is going well except for when she hops on the couch after coming in from the rain. Or right now she’s got her dirty arse sitting on my shoulders while whining to go out and chase squirrels. All the big things are conquered. She’s seemingly house trained. She’s nipping and jumping less and she can sit and is learning up and down. She will be done with all her shots at the end of the month. We still don’t know what breeds she may be. She’s too fluffy to be a labrador. I fantasize about her being a Newfoundland but without the drool!

photo 3

Have a good week!