I usually hate yarn with lots of plies. I think I had one bad experience with it. I think it was Wollmeise. I found it splitty and rope like, yuck.  When I was in the Twisted PDX yarn club last year we got a skein of Hazel Knits Piquant Lite. It has nine plies. I was not looking forward to knitting with it, however I liked the pattern and the color of the yarn so I went ahead and cast on. I loved it. The stitch definition was awesome. It was also nice tactilely to knit with. I was smitten. Fast forward months and months ahead and the piquant lite socks are my favorite socks. They have held up to machine washing and drying soooo well. These are the socks I speak of.


I kind of searched peoples stashes hoping to find some that I liked so I could save a few bucks on the shipping of one skein. I did contact someone about their skein but got no reply. So I just forgot about it for a few months. I would look at some on the Hazel Knits website but I was too cheap to buy any.  So to make a long story short I finally bit the bullet and ordered directly from the website.  I figure why buy a color Im not in love with from someone’s stash on Ravelry just to save a few bucks.


I’m so excited and want to use it right away!


Here we have Strawberry Lemonade (my favorite drink in the world so I couldn’t resist!) Love the color.

IMG_4925The yellow is Citrus Blossom. It was on sale and once in a great moon I’m in the mood for a good yellow!

You can see all those plies, but don’t let it scare you! I love this yarn!! It makes me question all those fluffy yarns in my stash. I want more and more of this. The order arrived freakily fast. I ordered it on Wednesday and I got it on Saturday. I did pay about three dollars extra for usps priority mail.

My love of yarn is back with a vengeance. I also placed an order with Knitterly Things. I NEED lots of self striping yarn.  I had one skein of knitterly things that I just cast on. So that left me with only one skein of Austermann Step. It was time to buy more.  One skein of that order is a pre order that wont ship until around March 24th. I’m assuming they are holding the other skein until that one is ready, and I think its coming from far far away like Canada. I’m patient though.

I was trying to knit a pair of vanilla striping socks in a week that ship has sailed.  I got to the heel flap on one sock in a week. I’m still going for a speedy knit so be on the lookout. Have a good week!