Think Pink

Latest Plucky Classics shipment came in.

IMG_4893I love it. My favorite colors are pink and grey (or gray) so this is right up my alley.

I was looking at my stash in Ravelry, and I have 47 skeins of yarn that I haven’t used, and 20 that I’ve used up.There was a time when I felt guilty about my yarn stash, but hey 47 isn’t bad. It’s comprised of about 99% fingering. I have some heavier weight yarn and some cotton that I haven’t added to Ravelry, but that yarn might push 47 up to 60 which still isn’t bad. I haven’t bought any yarn this year other than the Plucky Classics subscription. I’ve been more preoccupied with my orchids. I will have to update y’all on that. I’ve switched to growing my orchids semi hydroponically and I’ve had some blooms and such. Good times.

I’ve been trying to quilt my quilt. With the kids and the new dog it hasn’t been seeing a lot of action. It’s much easier for me to put my knitting down than it is to stop quilting.  I did do some work on it a few days ago. I will show you my wonky stitches.


I really like how the quilting stands out more when you are hand quilting it. If I get better at it I plan on getting some thicker thread in other colors.IMG_4874The sad part of the quilting saga is that the quilting frame my husband built for me just didn’t work out in the real world. I tried it and there was no way I was going to be able to quilt on it. I had to run to Joanne’s and get a quilting hoop. Its made out of plastic and its working really well for me. I can’t wait until this quilt is done. It’s a small one so it all depends on how much time I actually have to quilt.  I have no set spacing for my quilting lines. I like to tell myself that not being neat and tidy with my quilting adds a special something to the quilt. Hahaha. The lies we tell ourselves huh!

I’m loving this week because my daughter is out of school for spring break. I can stay up late and sleep in a little bit. We went to the roller rink yesterday. It was her first time not skating on carpet or tile and she did great! I used to be quite the roller skater in middle school, but I tried to get out there yesterday and made it about half way round before I gave up. I have a bad back and I had horrible visions of falling and injuring my old fat self.  No more roller skating for me.

If you are traveling this spring break be safe and have fun. We will be hitting the park! No spring break travels for my little brood.

One thought on “Think Pink

  1. The pink yarn is just gorgeous and I love your handquilting! I struggle with getting consistent stitch lengths on the back when I hand quilt and I think using a quilting hoop may just be the answer to my problem. Have a great spring break :)

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