Dish Cloth

I was reading a thread on Ravelry about dish cloths and if people use, and why even bother etc,etc. A lot of dishcloth knitters were saying how they work better than regular towels, and they bleach em in the wash and they were good to go. Having two small children I keep a large supply of commercially purchased dish cloths to wipe faces and hands. I had to see for myself if these hand knit cloths were superior.

I figured I would have this cloth knit in a day, but I managed to botch several patterns.  I also realized that knitting with kitchen cotton on size eight needles is not something I particularly enjoy or do quickly. I managed to do it in seven days. Shameful! I used stash yarn which accounts for the unplanned stripe of yellow.

IMG_4859 IMG_4852 IMG_4848

It’s a little wonky, but hey its a dish cloth!

After everything was said and done I don’t plan on making anymore. Unless I feel this burning desire to use the rest of my peaches and cream yarn. I haven’t used the cloth yet so I don’t know if the claims of superiority are true. There is one thing that makes me pause before writing off knitting dish cloths….it looks mighty cute folded in the drawer. Cuteness makes me do crazy things (having kids, getting a puppy, ha!)