And I’m Off To The Races

I am sleep deprived! All you new puppy owners and new moms know what I mean. It’s been a very interesting week. So we got the first puppy. She’s a dream and is learning things very fast. She fits into our household and things were going great. In our infinite wisdom we thought, hey she needs a friend, so we got a second puppy. Not such a great idea. That dog whined all friggin night. He was also aggressive towards our first puppy. He lasted one horrible night. We sent him back to where he came from! He will find a home, but he wasn’t for us! Jennifer you are a stronger woman than I. Raisin (wow I just typed raisin instead of raising, didn’t know I was that southern, anywho)…so anyway RAISING two puppies might have forced me to commit myself! I commend you for taking care of your three.  Anyway here is the remaining and original puppy that we absolutely adore. Just in case you have forgotten what she looks like.

basilcollageHer eyes aren’t really blue. Darn camera.

She’s been really sniffy and sneezy lately. It might be allergies. I never knew dogs had so many human problems.

For those of you who came to see knitting I finally finished something.


Just some plain stockinette socks for my nephew’s mom.


I think one heel flap is shorter than the other even though the row count is the same. A possible change in gauge can be blamed on puppy fog. IMG_4830Why do these look like child socks you might ask?

It’s because the recipient only wears a size 5 shoe! It must be nice to have such small feet. These would have been done so quickly if our lives hadn’t been turned upside down by puppy. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Solemate. The color is called Devon.

Its so nice to kind of be back to normal. I only wake up once a night with our dog and she sits at my feet while I knit!  Have a good weekend y’all.