Why The Quiet?

I haven’t had much to show lately. I have a quilt all basted and ready to go but I’m hand quilting it. Hand quilting is fun but it will take ages compared to machine quilting. I haven’t touched the quilt in several days. I think I will take some progress pictures of that soon.

I have been knitting, but nothing is close to being done.

There has been something that has turned our household upside down. We now have 2.5 children.

photo 1 photo 2

Meet Basil.

She is an adoptee. We got her about two days ago. We think she is some sort of Australian Shepherd mix. She is extremely smart and house training well. The crazy thing is we are thinking about getting another dog already! Any advice on adopting multiple puppies? I’m looking at you J.

3 thoughts on “Why The Quiet?

  1. Basil is adorable! Words of advice for multiple pups? Hide the shoes. Get lots of chew toys. Two dogs are four times harder to train than one, and three dogs are nine times harder to train than one. But it’s good that she’s smart. That’s a plus. Even when they’re bad, they’re adorable.

    I say full speed ahead! More is better. (But I’m irresponsible – at one point we had 12 cats, so consider the source here). It’s not much harder to walk two dogs than one. But stick to two. Three is out of control.

    Good for you! But make sure you still get time to craft. That’s essential.

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