Autumn Socks

I was stash diving sometime around Halloween and this yarn just screamed autumn. It’s Malabrigo Sock in the color Marte. The pattern is Glenwood.


This pattern is easily upsized or downsized by adjusting the stockinette portion. I managed to botch the pattern and switch the chart around on one of the socks but it didn’t make a big difference to me. I told you this yarn screamed autumn.


I started these on October 30th. It took me so long because I’m easily distracted by other patterns and holidays. I will never tire of showing the heel flaps of my socks. I’m still fascinated by the heel flap on my socks. This is an interesting turn of events seeing as how not long ago I hated that type of heel, and swore I would never knit them if given a choice. Never say never.

IMG_4705The leg.

I’m glad to have another pair of Malabrigo socks in my collection. My favorite pair of socks were Malabrigo and I lost them in the hospital after giving birth to my son in 2011. They went down for a good cause I suppose.  If you take hand knit socks to the hospital keep track of them. My poor socks were probably thrown in the trash or are on some scandalous hospital workers feet. This worker never felt the need to swipe socks until they saw my beautiful, unique socks.  I prefer to imagine that the craftsmanship of my socks drove some nurse to a steal them as opposed to them being tossed.

My daydreaming is officially over. Thanks for taking the ride with me if you are still reading ha! I think I should make more socks out of my Malabrigo stash so I won’t have to worry if I lose a pair. I’m off to fondle yarn. Have a good week.