I’ve recently discovered Quilty magazine. Its great. The quilt designs are fresh and modern. I also like that they give you a little diagram of how the quilt was quilted. I made my first quilt from the magazine. I think its called Sunny Side Up from the November issue. Its designed by Anna of Noodle-Head fame.



This picture shows the backing used.

IMG_4686Let’s pretend that we don’t see that shadow in this picture shall we?

The piecing went pretty well. My quilting and binding have left a lot to be desired. I try to tell myself that the irregularities make the quilt special and my mom will love it even more. I do my binding completely on the machine. I keep trying and trying and I’m horrible at it. I’m about to give up and go back to finishing the binding by hand the quilt seemed to have went well, but when I went to quilt the piece there were tons of puckers. . My next quilt will be hand quilted. I’m excited to try out some major hand stitching. I feel thats an important thing to learn. Plus I have to use my quilting frame.