To end out 2013 I thought I would share my newest obsession with y’all. Ive gone from this …


To this…


Now y’all never-mind the ugly furniture in the perimeters of the photo. This is the upstairs den area where furniture goes to die.

So the orchid collecting has reached a peak. I’ve got a few more shelves that could be filled but that would require more lights and plants. I don’t want to have to spend more than an hour or two a week on the plants. I do enjoy my orchids so my husband helped me dream up this way to increase my collection. also served up a lot of inspiration.IMG_4592

On the bottom shelf we have a bunch of phalaenopsis.  A lot of these are orchids were bought on clearance at Lowe’s (about 3 bucks down from 15.00.) So they are currently in orchid ICU. Several of these plants are in spike. Yes I bought them that way, but one spike is homegrown by me. That plant that was at death’s door when I bought it many months ago! So thats exciting.

Next we have my dendrobiums and Cattleya’s. One of the den’s is growing a new cane and that developed totally under my care as well.


For the lights we have T8 fluorescent light fixtures. The bulbs are 32 watts in cool and warm colors. After much research it was determined that this setup will provide the light required by my particular plants. I also keep the windows to the side of the shelving open for some natural light. I just like having more control over things. Hopefully it all works out well.

Happy New Year!