Santa For Adults

As the years have gone by and I’ve had children of my own some of the Christmas magic has been lost. My husband and I decided not to spend a lot of money on each other this year. That didn’t stop him from conjuring up a fabulous Christmas present.

When he made me my first yarn lazy susan I promptly put in an order for about 50 more.  I didn’t think  I would be seeing them in the year 2013. He worked on these stealthily and gave me a few for Christmas.

IMG_4564I received one in Red Oak, Mahogany, and Purple Heart. Very pretty if you ask me.

IMG_4565This is the Purple Heart wood. The color is hard to capture but its actually a purple wood. It’s a very nice color that will deepen over time into a more purple shade.

I’m happy to have four lazy susans now because center pull balls were driving me crazy. All the tangles and yarn barf. Maybe I’m doing something wrong when winding my yarn, but this solves the problem. The lazy susans are portable in a manner that works for me. They go upstairs, downstairs, and in the car. It will be hard for him to top this next year.

Happy New Year.