Brain I Miss You

My brain has fled. I will blame the kids and my husband. Or I could blame my inability to double check my cast on number, but that wouldn’t be as fun. I started a pair of socks about a month ago and decided I could use a little bit more negative ease in them. I usually knit my socks with 72 stitches so this time I was going to knit them with 68 stithces. So I knit the first sock and things went swimmingly. After I turned the heel of the second sock I realized that I had been knitting with only 64 stitches. There was no way in bikini bottom that I was going to frog that thing so I tried it on, and it fit! My daughter decided these socks shouldn’t match so that offered a little solace. For some reason the stitch count really bugged me, but I pressed on and I’m glad I did because it wasn’t a biggie after all.


It’s funny even though I wasn’t trying to match the socks they ended up pretty matchy. I used a different yarn for the heels so as not to disrupt the striping. I’ve never done this before. I find now that I’ve been knitting longer these little things are starting to matter. For the cuffs I did the roll under cuff thingy. I have no idea what its called.


Someone tell me what this cuff is called please. I guess Google could tell me. Google is my bestie.


They look quite wrinkly without my fat feet don’t they? ┬áThe yarn is Fishknits Strong Heart. The color is called Pink and Grey. ┬áThats about it for now. Happy Holidays Y’all.

2 thoughts on “Brain I Miss You

  1. Merry Christmas! The socks are lovely. I think what you’ve done is a hemmed cuff. It’s like a picot edge but without the p2tog or k2tog /yarn over row.

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