Where I Work

I have assigned myself a new job title. I am a Domestic Engineer. Now if someone asks my husband what I do instead of saying I’m a stay at home mom he can say Im an engineer. Some people tend to think that being a stay at home mom isn’t a job, but they wont think that of an engineer. ┬áTo celebrate my job title I’m going to share a bit of where I work most days. Well where I do the fun stuff really. My crafts! The following two pictures are where I sew.



This next picture is where I knit.


The orchids live upstairs in a south facing window for the winter. When our cruel summer hits that might change to an east facing window.


I think in the near future I might even post a picture of myself. I just don’t want to scare my few readers away. I do know that when I read other blogs I like to see where they live and the person behind the blog. That’s what inspired this post!