With the super cold to us Texans temps lately I need some longer fingerless mitts asap. So I started knitting just a plain pair of stockinette mitts, and I’m doing it on two circulars. Two circulars used to be my favorite way to knit socks and other small circumfrence things. Lately I’ve been knitting socks on either a 12 inch or 9 inch circular needle. So its been a while since I’ve knit anything on two circ’s and I must say I find it excruciatingly slow now! Its been very frustrating.  Having to slide the stitches onto the new needle and switching to the next needle. I’ve been spoiled by my baby circulars. So I switched the mitts to a 9 inch circular and its so much better for me.


Above is the project. Just so this wont be a picture less post.

 I’ve found myself in this situation before. I bought a ton of clover dpn’s in about every size and realized I don’t like knitting with dpn’s, or bamboo needles. Now I have a bunch of chiaogoo size two circular needles in 24 and 16 inches and now I don’t like knitting socks on two circulars. I could sell the needles but you never know when you might need them I suppose. Now I have to go buy a bunch of teeny tiny circular needles as I only have two 12 inch and one 9 inch in size two.

Such is the life of a knitter I suppose.