Could It Be?

I think I’ve stashed enough yarn to satisfy myself. I haven’t bought yarn since August (excluding yarn clubs). Nothing is singing to me anymore, and I mean nothing! Eat.Sleep.Knit was having a black friday sale and I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy. I look at Ravelry destashes daily and I want nothing. I checkout the Loopy Ewe weekly update and nada. I’m just here contentedly knitting from my stash. I always thought a yarn drought would come as a result of me knitting less, but I’m knitting more than ever. I just have no burning in my loins for yarn. My yarn libido is gone. I never thought this would happen!

I think I may have replaced yarn buying with orchids. My orchid stash is growing.  I have an orchid that was near death that is throwing out all kinds of new roots and a bloom spike! I have three orchids coming in from orchidsbyhausermann that will bring my total orchids up to 12. I’m out of windowsill room so I’m stopping now. I have two cattleya’s, four dendrobiums, and including this recent order six phaleanopsis. One day I will do an orchid post and show you what I’ve got.

I finished my scrap therapy before the US Thanksgiving holiday. It was quite frustrating there in the end because I kept finding little piles of fabric scraps to cut up! I thought I was done and then bam I go looking through a bin and there are more fabric scraps. That happened about three times. Needless to say by the end I was looking over my shoulder thinking there were more scraps sneaking up on me, or lurking in a dark corner. Very traumatizing lol. So this is what I ended up with


It looks like a lot less than it is. Piles of 5×5, 3.5×3.5, and 2 x2 squares. It was quite an accomplishment for me and I hope to stay on top of this as I make things. Here is how I stored them.


These little buckets have tops and the little scraps don’t topple over!

So while I’ve been bemoaning my lack of yarn libido I have been buying fabric! I need to try and make some super cute toes from Noodlehead. I bought the Super Tote pattern and the 241 Tote pattern. They were 20% off for black friday and I had been eyeing them for a while. When my fabric and orchids get here they may make an appearance on the blog.

I have a question for the Canadians out there. Do y’all have black friday following your Thanksgiving? If you so, do people shame themselves by fighting over towels and socks that are on sale? Inquiring minds want to know!

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