December Classics

This month from Plucky Classics is a nice purple called I Feel Pretty. The inspiration for the color is A West Side Story.

IMG_4574Yes the yarn is nestled in fabric. There is some heavy quilt work going on in my household lately and it seemed appropriate.

I was asking myself when should I cancel my Plucky subscription. Well cancellation has a few things going against it.

A. This is the only yarn coming in right now.

B.  I’ve loved the colors so far.

Let’s see how many good reasons we have for cancellation.

A. How many single skeins of sock yarn should one accumulate?

I guess thats all I got for cancellation reasons.  Plucky will not be cancelled. This blog is great for brainstorming.

British Stuff

I had been avoiding these stitch markers for a while due to the exchange rate (UK seller), but I caved.  I tried to find similar ones from America with no luck  so without further ado stitch markers from Fripperies & Bibelots (love the name).



Below are the extras she sent. I really like the stitch marker with the little bell attached. I want more of those, but I wonder how noisy it would make my knitting.

This little etsy shop has a lot of nice markers. Go check it out and spend some of that Christmas money.

Brain I Miss You

My brain has fled. I will blame the kids and my husband. Or I could blame my inability to double check my cast on number, but that wouldn’t be as fun. I started a pair of socks about a month ago and decided I could use a little bit more negative ease in them. I usually knit my socks with 72 stitches so this time I was going to knit them with 68 stithces. So I knit the first sock and things went swimmingly. After I turned the heel of the second sock I realized that I had been knitting with only 64 stitches. There was no way in bikini bottom that I was going to frog that thing so I tried it on, and it fit! My daughter decided these socks shouldn’t match so that offered a little solace. For some reason the stitch count really bugged me, but I pressed on and I’m glad I did because it wasn’t a biggie after all.


It’s funny even though I wasn’t trying to match the socks they ended up pretty matchy. I used a different yarn for the heels so as not to disrupt the striping. I’ve never done this before. I find now that I’ve been knitting longer these little things are starting to matter. For the cuffs I did the roll under cuff thingy. I have no idea what its called.


Someone tell me what this cuff is called please. I guess Google could tell me. Google is my bestie.


They look quite wrinkly without my fat feet don’t they?  The yarn is Fishknits Strong Heart. The color is called Pink and Grey.  Thats about it for now. Happy Holidays Y’all.

A Little Monogamy

I’ve never been a fan of knitting monogamy. I get bored too easily. Apparently if my hands get cold enough that all changes. I’ve been wearing my little fail fingerless mitts and they just haven’t been up to snuff. My hands have been freezing and that’s just not ok. I saw the pattern And Then There Were Mitts .  I loved how they offered whole hand coverage, and then BAM! they are fingerless mitts. I did NOT feel like cabling so I went in search of other patterns and found Long Striped Hand Warmers and combined the two patterns. What resulted was my first real knitting smash up. Here they are.


My husband hand model has bigger hands then me so I had to pull the tops down a little. They look a little funny when not in fingerless mitt mode but cold me doesn’t care.  I just love my husbands freckled arms. He is the best hand model ever. He’s expensive and hard to book though.

This is them rolled down. They are so toasty and warm. They were knit in Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering. The color is Snap Out Of It.


A picture of me below wearing them. Taking pictures of your own hands is possible if you don’t mind taking mediocre pictures while using a tripod and the little camera remote control. Too much effort for too crappy a result.


It took me ten days to knit these. I worked on nothing else. For some reason I thought I would be done with these in two days. I think reading the blogs of fast knitters has caused me to greatly overestimate my speed. Another thing that may have added to the length of this project is the fact that all the cutest people in my household are sick. I never knew that little kids got sick so much. Add that to the list of things my mother should have told me but never did. I’m pretty sure I still would have had kids. They are definitely a good excuse for my slow knitting.