My Crafty Husband

If I ever say my husband is not supportive of my hobbies remind me of this post, because he’s brilliant. In about a week or two my husband has made two crafty accessories for me.

I’ve been thinking of learning how to hand quilt. It seems as if this way may be easier for larger quilts. It wont be as fast, but I won’t have to maneuver a large quilt through my not so large sewing machine. I was showing my husband some quilting frames that I wanted to purchase. They were around 70-120 dollars. He said I can make one of those for about 20 dollars.

IMG_4377My color choice is regrettable. The color doesn’t really matter though. ¬†You cant see it when you are working on a quilt. We saw one at Joanne’s later made out of pvc just like this one for 110.00. The markup on these things amazes me. I just remind myself these companies have employees to pay etc.

The second item is knitting related. I’ve been coveting a yarn caddy, yarn lazy susan, or yarn spinner (they go by so many different names) for a while now. My husband said he would try to make me one, but I had been waiting for a bit so I didn’t know if it was going to happen. He surprised me this past week and bought the materials. He had no plan or instructions he just made it by sight and I’m pretty impressed.


Its made out of mahogany and its wonderful. I’ve been pulling my yarn from the outside of my center wound balls because I got tired of the tangles and yarn barf. Using this is so much better than using a yarn bowl. The yarn unwinds so smoothly. With the yarn bowl I find that the yarn unwinds reluctantly due to the ball not spinning smoothly in the bowl. Maybe my yarn bowls are too small. Also with the yarn bowls I’m worried about them breaking. Im always clanking them together when Im pulling on the yarn and for some reason its not coming off the ball. I have broken a few yarn bowls in the past. This lazy susan is very sturdy and made of thick wood so I don’t have the same worries. I feel very lucky to have a husband who can make stuff! I’ve requested about three more in assorted woods. It took him about one weekend to make and 12 dollars in materials. Based on what I’ve seen on the internet, the prices, (25-42) for these are reasonable. The markup for time and materials seems fair. Wood can vary greatly in price so it just depends on what kind of wood you like. He couldn’t sharpen the dowel to a spike like you see on most of them because he doesn’t have what he needs to do that, but he’s going to get it. Stay tuned for more beautiful yarn caddy’s. I did finish processing my fabric scraps. I will post on that later!

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