It was 36 degrees fahrenheit this morning, and people think it doesn’t get cold here. Well I guess in other parts of the world that is probably a warm winter temperature, but here that is enough to bring forth the hand knits. I got to wear my San Mateo cowl last night and this morning. I love the way it smells of wool and soak! I also got to wear my fingerless gloves last night.   Oddly enough we were going to get frozen yogurt!

The last twisted sock club shipment came. The yarn featured is Alpha B Yarn in the color Run As Fast As You Can.


Excuse the light in these pictures. We aren’t getting much sun lately. This yarn is a 100% superwash merino. I wasn’t sure about the color but its so fall and I think I like it. It goes perfectly with the pattern.

The pattern is called Contrapposto Socks by Sorren Kerr. I learned a new word today. Contrapposto means counterpose. Setting the hips and shoulders at different angles. Its used in art and modeling etc.


This months stitch marker.


Its a cupcake or something.

Taking charge of my fabric stash has become a hell of my own creation. I had no idea I had so many yarn scraps. I guess joining a scrap of the month club a while back didn’t help. On the upside I found these cute little bins at target to store the fabric squares in.


I’m determined to finish but this is maybe day 4 of cutting my scraps. I’m tired and ready to do some knitting. So I will take a little break today I think. I have by no means given up though!

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