Wip’s and Orchids

I keep thinking of this post title as whips and orchids. I guess if someone isn’t familiar with knitting they might think I’m a fetishist who can’t spell. That’s amusing enough to slightly brighten my rainy Monday morning. My daughter is sick again so she’s home from school. Its a perfect cookie day. We will see how the day goes.

I thought I would share what knitting I’m working on. It seems like it might be a while before I have a finished item. Right now one of my wip’s has me spellbound. It’s Sauble. I’m thinking my love for this project will be fleeting. I’m not a clothing knitter (other than socks).  I’m definitely not willing to put money on whether or not this will get finished, but for right now I’m having way too much fun knitting it.


I put in this picture above so you can see the heathered look of the knitpicks yarn. I can’t remember which one it is. I bought it a long time ago but its fingering weight. It doesn’t seem like much progress, but in 12 days to get this much done on the number of stitches it takes to cover my ginormous body is astounding progress to me. IMG_4242I hope this picture lets you see the cute  wildflower knots that are scattered across each section. I love them.

Next up we have a pair of socks. Finally! I think it had been at least a week or two without any socks on the needles.


This pattern is Glenwood. I could not resist casting on with this yarn. This yarn is so appropriate for fall.  It’s Malabrigo Sock in the color Marte. Obtained from the Loopy Ewe. I always knit my socks on size 2.75mm needles. Nothing new there. I’m still knitting my socks on a 12 inch circular needle.  IMG_4256


This next project was frogged in one yarn and started again in another.

IMG_4290The pattern is Kujeillen. The nupps are killer to do, but omitting them would change the pattern, and I like the pattern as is. The yarn is Glimmer Sock Yarn in the color Poison. I think the dyer is no longer selling yarn. I started these in some leftover Tanis Fiber Arts yarn, but I was wisely advised by my blogless sister in law Adri that it certainly wouldnt be enough yarn. So I frogged about half a mitt and start over in this yarn.

I also have two shawls that are languishing in the land of knits that are not singing to me right now. So we wont talk about them.

In other news I have surprisingly brought an orchid back from the brink of death. Before my orchid obsession started I bought a few sad ones from Lowe’s. One succumbed to root rot. The other had one root left so I kept it. One root is not much, but you never know. So now this sad orchid is growing tons of new roots and a new leaf. I’m so excited. I’m a complete noob when it comes to orchids. I have read a lot on them and have asked a lot of questions (thanks orchidboard.com) and this new development is sooo rewarding.


These are just some of the new roots. There are about three more on the other side. IMG_4267If you look at the top of this photo you can see the new leaf peeking out. I also think there might be a bloom spike growing as well. That would be too wild to even imagine. Only time will tell. I just feel so much satisfaction in having brought this little guy back to life. I also have the fear that I will do something wrong and set it back again, but I’m trying to remain positive.

IMG_4282Orchids really do have long lasting blooms. They are fading now but I’ve had this guy since early September and it still has flowers.

Here is my modest little setup. I wonder if they get enough light in an east facing window.IMG_4278

I ordered two orchids on ebay. I got my first species Cattleya and another dendrobium/phal type. After these two I think I’m out of window space. Unless I go upstairs to the really long window there. I don’t know if the hubby would approve. They do say you should have one plant for every 100 (or 200 I can’t recall which) square foot of space in your home. Why must there be scientific enabling? Have a good week!



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