My Crafty Husband

If I ever say my husband is not supportive of my hobbies remind me of this post, because he’s brilliant. In about a week or two my husband has made two crafty accessories for me.

I’ve been thinking of learning how to hand quilt. It seems as if this way may be easier for larger quilts. It wont be as fast, but I won’t have to maneuver a large quilt through my not so large sewing machine. I was showing my husband some quilting frames that I wanted to purchase. They were around 70-120 dollars. He said I can make one of those for about 20 dollars.

IMG_4377My color choice is regrettable. The color doesn’t really matter though.  You cant see it when you are working on a quilt. We saw one at Joanne’s later made out of pvc just like this one for 110.00. The markup on these things amazes me. I just remind myself these companies have employees to pay etc.

The second item is knitting related. I’ve been coveting a yarn caddy, yarn lazy susan, or yarn spinner (they go by so many different names) for a while now. My husband said he would try to make me one, but I had been waiting for a bit so I didn’t know if it was going to happen. He surprised me this past week and bought the materials. He had no plan or instructions he just made it by sight and I’m pretty impressed.


Its made out of mahogany and its wonderful. I’ve been pulling my yarn from the outside of my center wound balls because I got tired of the tangles and yarn barf. Using this is so much better than using a yarn bowl. The yarn unwinds so smoothly. With the yarn bowl I find that the yarn unwinds reluctantly due to the ball not spinning smoothly in the bowl. Maybe my yarn bowls are too small. Also with the yarn bowls I’m worried about them breaking. Im always clanking them together when Im pulling on the yarn and for some reason its not coming off the ball. I have broken a few yarn bowls in the past. This lazy susan is very sturdy and made of thick wood so I don’t have the same worries. I feel very lucky to have a husband who can make stuff! I’ve requested about three more in assorted woods. It took him about one weekend to make and 12 dollars in materials. Based on what I’ve seen on the internet, the prices, (25-42) for these are reasonable. The markup for time and materials seems fair. Wood can vary greatly in price so it just depends on what kind of wood you like. He couldn’t sharpen the dowel to a spike like you see on most of them because he doesn’t have what he needs to do that, but he’s going to get it. Stay tuned for more beautiful yarn caddy’s. I did finish processing my fabric scraps. I will post on that later!


It was 36 degrees fahrenheit this morning, and people think it doesn’t get cold here. Well I guess in other parts of the world that is probably a warm winter temperature, but here that is enough to bring forth the hand knits. I got to wear my San Mateo cowl last night and this morning. I love the way it smells of wool and soak! I also got to wear my fingerless gloves last night.   Oddly enough we were going to get frozen yogurt!

The last twisted sock club shipment came. The yarn featured is Alpha B Yarn in the color Run As Fast As You Can.


Excuse the light in these pictures. We aren’t getting much sun lately. This yarn is a 100% superwash merino. I wasn’t sure about the color but its so fall and I think I like it. It goes perfectly with the pattern.

The pattern is called Contrapposto Socks by Sorren Kerr. I learned a new word today. Contrapposto means counterpose. Setting the hips and shoulders at different angles. Its used in art and modeling etc.


This months stitch marker.


Its a cupcake or something.

Taking charge of my fabric stash has become a hell of my own creation. I had no idea I had so many yarn scraps. I guess joining a scrap of the month club a while back didn’t help. On the upside I found these cute little bins at target to store the fabric squares in.


I’m determined to finish but this is maybe day 4 of cutting my scraps. I’m tired and ready to do some knitting. So I will take a little break today I think. I have by no means given up though!

Scrap Empowerment

I turn 34 this Saturday. Being the person that I am I can’t wait until then to open my birthday presents. My husband bought me two books and some cooking tools.

IMG_4318 IMG_4306Quilting Happiness has some nice patterns in it, but the book that really blew me away was Cut The Scraps! I love this book. Being a new sewer/quilter there are a lot of ideas that just haven’t occured to me. I chalk it up to lack of experience and how my brain works, but this book was a revelation. It has really inspired me to organize my scraps. I had a few drawers full of scraps and no idea what to do with them. The author Joan Ford talks about how she cuts and organizes her scraps. To her anything less than a 1/4 of a yard is a scrap that should be dealt with. She cuts her scraps into 2, 3.5, and 5 inch squares. The book then has patterns that use these sizes. She also talks about sorting your scraps as well. I got started right away and I feel so good about the scrap situation now. This is what I have done so far.


 Most of my pieces are so weird that they end up being 2 inch squares. I had to take a break because my back got tired. I still have this


and this


to finish. I also have another drawer to go through. I’m not discouraged or daunted by the amount. I know this is a very small amount compared to someone who has been sewing for years. I can’t recommend Cut The Scraps! enough. Its an amazing book and I haven’t even looked at the patterns yet. So far it has been a good birthday and its not even my birthday yet!

Completely Bonkers

My daughter was sick with a fever of 103.1 on Sunday. Her fever broke on Monday but she had a slight fever last night. She woke up this morning normal and her behavior has been normal since Monday also. On the advice of my mom and husband I took her to school only to be sent home because she has not been fever free for 24 hours. I knew this was the advice I should follow based on the internet telling me so. The moral of this story is that you as the mom or wife are usually right. We could have slept in today arggghhh.

So when I got home and got my mail my Plucky Classics shipment had arrived. The name of the yarn kind of made me laugh after my morning and weekend. The color is called Completely Bonkers and its in the Primo Fingering base.

IMG_4304It’s a pretty red. I quite like it. I was thinking that I need to join a yarn club this year. I forgot that Im already in this one! My last twisted sock club package has been mailed so look for details on that one soon.

Yesterday I decided to stop my obsessive knitting and get some lingering sewing projects done. The sad thing is that once I decided to finish this stuff it took like 2 hours. I had one pair of pajama pants to finish. A shirt to match, and a nightgown to make. The fact that I had cut all the stuff already made it go quickly. All I had to do on the pants was finish the waistband. The shirt and nightgown had not been worked on at all. So now my nephew, son, and daughter all have matching pajamas in very comfy knit fabric.

photo 5

My son hated his pajamas. He refused to keep them on so I had to snap iphone photos. The pants will fit him for a while. The shirt was a bit snug. The shirt issue doesn’t surprise me as I was winging it on the construction. I’m not a good winger. I forgot to take pictures of my nephews set before sending them home with him.  I decided not to cut the toys and general disarray out of the pictures. My blog readers should know my reality ha! (Maybe I should have cut the one legged naked baby doll out of the next picture? Sensitive readers I’ve warned you ha!)

photo 2My daughter’s nightgown was based on a pattern from a Sew it All magazine. I ditched their instructions too and just used the pattern pieces. You were supposed to use elastic thread in your bobbin and sew the armholes and the neckline with it. I did not have elastic thread so I just made a casing around the neckline and put in elastic. The little flutter sleeve caps looked nice unfinished so I left them that way. Most of the pajama construction was done on the serger. Boy that thing really makes knits easy. The hems were done with the regular machine.  My daughter always crosses her legs like she’s a celebrity posing for a picture. I have no idea where she got that from. Now I can get back to work on my quilt. For some reason I can knit for years and years on the couch and have the kids behave somewhat. When I go to the sewing machine they become terrors. So no sewing during the day. That cuts down on my productivity because I don’t like to stay up late. I need sleep!