Headband Love

I have a newfound need for headbands. A few months ago I underwent a dramatic change in hairstyle and headbands are essential. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner that I could knit them.  I found the Moebius Headband from Headband Love 2.  I liked a lot of the patterns in the ebook, and the pattern of the Moebius Headband was almost half the price of the ebook, but I still bought the single pattern. I never claim to be a rocket scientist. I used the same Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Dove that I used for my recent ugly fingerless gloves.  This pattern is perfect for using partial skeins.

IMG_4174This color is perfect for me. It’s mostly grey with pretty hints of pink and lavender. My daughter is modeling because her hair is less poofy.

Here is the Moebius part.


This pattern was a simple quick knit. I want to make 20 more.


I have shocking news for any of you who may check in to the blog every once in a while. I’m making a sweater. I had bought a bunch of fingering weight yarn from knitpicks to make a sweater years ago and I abandoned that project. I blogged about it when I first started my blog. So I dug all the yarn out and frogged the old sweater and started a new one by the same pattern writer. Its Sauble by  Laura Chau. I want long sleeves on this one but I’m not sure that I should try to modify a sweater pattern. I guess if I make it to the sleeves I can google it and see how difficult it might be. I don’t know about sleeve decreases and all of that. Does anyone have any tips or links on changing sleeve length?

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