I find myself in the rare position of having no socks on the needles. It’s an interesting feeling. Kind of freeing actually. I finished my Budleigh’s yesterday.


I accidentally washed one sock and not the other. So there is a slight difference in color. Its not the yarn’s fault at all. I used Plucky Primo in the color Whistle Stop. IMG_4121

These socks were hard to photograph especially with my limited skills.  I included the above photo so you can see how the sock is half and half. Even with all the cables these socks were fun to knit. I would never have knit them if I still cabled with a cable needle. IMG_4072Even the heel flap is split in half one half has the twisted rib and the other has the regular ribbing. So far I’ve knit two socks from the book Coop Knits and its been a pleasure.

Instead of casting on more socks I’m going to focus on finishing up the two shawls I have going. I’m knitting Haruni and White Snows of Winter.  The White Snows of Winter is a mkal that I’ve been neglecting.

Without even really thinking about it I’m down to two wip’s. I remember this summer I was stressing over having seven projects going and it seems the knitting frenzy calmed on its own. I think another cowl or a pair of fingerless gloves will be next for me.

We made some really good cookies last night. These Lemon Sugar Cookies were great.



They were very easy to make. You just roll them into balls and then roll the balls in a bowl of sugar. Image 1The cookies spread quite nicely.  I was worried about that since you don’t press them down or anything.

I’m very picky about sugar cookies. There is only one kind that I like. It’s our local store brand here in Texas. The sad part is they don’t even carry them in all of our H-E-B’s. You would think since its the store brand cookie all the stores would have them. So I can only find them at one location that I don’t frequent often.  I was delighted that I liked these cookies.  I’ve tried many sugar cookie recipes and none of them have ever measured up, until now. I think I’ve found my sugar cookie recipe. I left out the lemon zest so the lemon flavoring isn’t very strong. They just mostly taste like sugar cookies which is fine with me!  If any of y’all out there have a great sugar cookie recipe that results in nice soft cookies please point me in that direction!



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