One Day

Not knitting lasted a little more than one day. My arm started feeling better and I was going crazy. My shoulders still hurt, but I’m still going to try and cut down on the knitting. I just realized I cant go cold turkey.  I had the heel flap done on my Budleigh socks and I really want to get them done during the knit along time frame. If you haven’t done so already you should check out the Coop Knits group on Ravelry and join in on the fun.

Image 2


This my partially finished second sock hanging off of my ott light.  I’m sure my photography skills continue to amaze.

During my short knitting hiatus I learned that reading knitting blogs while you are supposed to be abstaining from knitting is very counter productive and sad. I also got a good amount of sewing done. I’m making pajamas for my two littles and my nephew out of this cute knit fabric I found at Joanne’s.  I’ve got one and a half pairs done. This knit fabric was so wide that I’m getting two pairs of pajama pants and two shirts and one nightgown out of 3 yards and I have lots of leftovers. I dont know how to estimate how much fabric I’m going to need when Im not working from a pattern. I’ve also been able to log some time on the serger which has been fun.

Well feel free to laugh at or empathize with my attempt to not knit for two weeks. It was one hard day.

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