Knitting socks for a size three woman’s foot is great. It leaves a lot of leftover yarn, but its a zippy knit. For comparison I have a size 11 foot. Yes is ginormous. I had my daughter model these socks and she’s barely out of toddler sizes so it didn’t work to well.  So then I slid them onto the handle of our treadmill.


The pattern is Cubist by Cookie A. I have wanted to knit these for a long time, but due to the nature of the pattern I could not upsize them to fit my feet. Knitting with a larger needle was out of the question.

The yarn was great. Its by Springtree Road on Etsy. It’s her Muscadine Sock.  The color is Late Dusk. I’ve used her yarns a few times and I really love the colors. She somehow manages to make the perfect primary colors. I can find the perfect red or blue from her shop usually.IMG_4041This my daughter wearing the socks. She’s always such an obliging model. Why didn’t I wait for the recipient to model you ask? Because I’m impatient and she’s busy. These were for my sister in laws birthday on September 30th. Here we are done on October 6th. I’ve never knit with a hard deadline before. It wasn’t to stressful.  I think she asked for these a week or a little more than a week before her birthday so its all her fault that they weren’t on time.


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