My family has been in the midst of disgusting sickness for about two weeks now. We all had colds. Now a stomach bug is making the rounds and I’m about to go crazy. Yesterday after the latest round of cleaning and laundry I had the urge to sew something. Something that would cheer me up. So after a long day around 9pm I had the downstairs to myself.  I started the Divided Basket pattern from Noodlehead. It took me about two and a half hours. Not having kids bothering you really makes a difference in your sewing and also how easily I understand instructions. Things went pretty smoothly and that never happens.

IMG_3962My husband had been in bed all day and night with illness so he didnt know I was sewing. When he came down this morning and saw my basket he thought I had purchased it. Thats the best compliment ever. I really needed something like this basket upstairs. We have lotions and desitin lying around all over the place. This will coral it all and I can use the handles to carry it from each childs room.

IMG_3970 IMG_3971

Organization seems to be on my mind lately. I was thinking of how I could store my patterns and tracing of my patterns. I found these cute polyurethane button closure folders at the store. The poly makes them really hard to tear. I like the button closure so they won’t end up all over the place immediately if my little one gets a hold of them. That extra second it takes him to un button the folder might save my patterns.

IMG_3957 IMG_3958

I figure getting a basket made during all of this nasty sickness is pretty good. I hope this week will bring better health for my kids and husband!




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