Stuff is getting done

It seems like when you finish one thing others soon follow. This hat should have been done long ago but I had many other exciting things to work on. It got finished this weekend because I am sicker than I’ve been in a long time. ¬†My daughter has been in school two weeks and everyone is sick right now. So it makes sense that this plain stockinette hat was the only thing I could work on.

No pattern in particular and the yarn was fabulous its Squoosh Fiber Arts Merino Cashmere in the color Morning Sky. I seriously love this yarn.

IMG_3856 IMG_3839I made this hat super big because I have super big hair now. I stopped straightening it so the hats must be adjusted. I can’t remember what this ribbing is called but I did it once on a sock and liked it.

I would like to warn you all of the dangers of watching How It’s Made. I was watching a show on orchids and look what happened.

IMG_3831One ebay purchase later and I’m growing orchids. I found out they make good houseplants and they are very beautiful. This is the one from Hawaii.

IMG_3857These other two were purchases from Lowes.

IMG_3858 IMG_3859I’ve been reading about how to care for Orchids all weekend. Its a fun new obsession. I even risked getting lost and drove to a orchid nursery in town to buy some supplies. I have three plants and I hope to not expand that collection. The orchid nursery was beautiful and it had many tempting specimens. Orchids are cool because they don’t grow in dirt. We will see how it goes. If I fail all of you in the blogiverse will know.

IMG_3861They have pretty leaves to. They aren’t ¬†actually potted in the pretty pots they are in clear pots that sit in the decorative pots. Wish me luck!