Sweater Knitter I’m Not

Maybe with more  maturity I will have the patience to knit sweaters. Even knitting children’s sweaters challenges my short knitting attention span. I’m so happy that this sweater is finished I’m posting twice in one day. It’s hot off the presses and is not blocked. I’m not really sure about how to block acrylic blends and I figure her body will block it.

The pattern: Sunday Sweater 

The yarn: Garnstudio Drops Cotton Light 60% cotton 40% acrylic. I got this at a great deal. Ravelry now shows it as discontinued.

IMG_3814 IMG_3824This yarn was not very splitty. I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely use it again for children’s clothing. That’s a good thing because I have about four skeins of it in navy blue. Due to the recipients inability to stand still I was only able to get an iphone photo of it being worn.

DAvis sweater


She really likes it. If I had it to do all over again I would have knit the sleeves to the length that the pattern states, but knitting sleeves is such a drag. I’m hoping it will grow a bit with wear. (One of those lies we knitters tell ourselves).

Plucky Classics August

My mind has been read. I’ve been craving dark wintry colors.

Color: Snap Out of It

Inspiration: Moonstruck

Base: Primo Fingering


A craft that isn’t mentioned much here on the blog is crochet. I started my crafting journey with crochet and I have lots of respect for it.  It’s just something that was eclipsed by knitting. Luckily we have a new crochet protege in the family. My sister in law just comes up with things and crochets them. Im in awe of her natural talent. All the crafting I do doesn’t just flow from me. I’m very technical and all the thing’s I’ve learned to do i.e. quilting and knitting were hard earned. She is the complete opposite and I’m proud of her. Anyway she made these little ninja turtles and I think they are so cute.


Now she just needs to get started on the amigurumi in my Ravelry que. If Im honest with myself I know that I have no plans on actually crocheting them. It’s great to be able to farm that stuff out now!  Gotta get her started in my crochet sweatshop.