Can I Scream Now?

The terrible two’s are kicking my ass.

The never ending cycle of illness in my household is kicking my ass.

The envelope clutch pattern kicked my ass. At least this was one thing I had some control over.

IMG_4020 IMG_4012For some reason I had a hard time with a certain portion of this pattern that should have been easy. Its the envelope clutch from Noodlehead. As usual the pattern was lovely. It was not the author’s fault in anyway. Sometimes I just get stuck on wording and I cant wrap my mind around it. Add in distractions and voila Im screwing up. My husband actually was the one who got me through this pattern. His fresh eyes understood it perfectly.


This pattern comes with two size options. You can also add piping or have the flap closure come to a point like an envelope. I love Noodlehead patterns. IMG_4010This clutch is pretty brilliant. It’s got deep pockets at the top that can fit your cell phone or little sanitizing wipes. I can fit my keys in it. The zippered portion holds my cash. I quite like it even though I have probably screwed it up in ways I cant comprehend right now.  I’m proudly gonna sport this clutch from now on. My newly optimistic mind thinks the next one will be perfect!




My family has been in the midst of disgusting sickness for about two weeks now. We all had colds. Now a stomach bug is making the rounds and I’m about to go crazy. Yesterday after the latest round of cleaning and laundry I had the urge to sew something. Something that would cheer me up. So after a long day around 9pm I had the downstairs to myself.  I started the Divided Basket pattern from Noodlehead. It took me about two and a half hours. Not having kids bothering you really makes a difference in your sewing and also how easily I understand instructions. Things went pretty smoothly and that never happens.

IMG_3962My husband had been in bed all day and night with illness so he didnt know I was sewing. When he came down this morning and saw my basket he thought I had purchased it. Thats the best compliment ever. I really needed something like this basket upstairs. We have lotions and desitin lying around all over the place. This will coral it all and I can use the handles to carry it from each childs room.

IMG_3970 IMG_3971

Organization seems to be on my mind lately. I was thinking of how I could store my patterns and tracing of my patterns. I found these cute polyurethane button closure folders at the store. The poly makes them really hard to tear. I like the button closure so they won’t end up all over the place immediately if my little one gets a hold of them. That extra second it takes him to un button the folder might save my patterns.

IMG_3957 IMG_3958

I figure getting a basket made during all of this nasty sickness is pretty good. I hope this week will bring better health for my kids and husband!




Reverse Engineering

I saw this on etsy.  I really wanted something like that but right now I don’t have the inclination to spend 30 dollars on something to hold my needles. This reluctance to spend money on this particular item is due to the fact that I have a decent amount of fabric and a sewing machine. This restraint is me trying to be smarter about my craft obsessions and the money I spend on them. Huzzah! I decided to try and make one myself. I am horrible at measuring or using my imagination or working without very clear detailed instructions. To describe this task as daunting would be a bit of an understatement. I cut some of the fabric a few weeks ago but never got the burning in my loins to push ahead. Yesterday I was reading through the archives at Noodlehead, and that drove me to my sewing machine.

IMG_3921I got a pretty satisfactory result. There was a lot of stitch ripping but it worked out. My bow is way to high in its placement and nothing is measured or in equal distance from each other but it works!

If you remember I made a monstrosity of a needle holder that just wasn’t working so this will replace it.  Here is the monster below. It was way to big and the needles would fall out of it once it was folded up. I just hate wasting fabric on ill conceived ideas. Oh well.


Heres how the new one works. Its got a flap on the top that once folded down holds all your needles in safe and secure.


See the flap is now folded down yay.IMG_3929

Here it is full of the “good needles”. IMG_3944

Its folded and full of needles. Its much much smaller than the other its the size of a small hard cover book. IMG_3947It’s exactly what I wanted for my circular needles. At least until someone thinks of something better! I also have this great feeling that maybe I’m not so horrible at doing things somewhat on my own after all.