New School Year, New Yarn

With trepidation I sent my first child off to her first day of school ever. There were tears on the adult side but, the child was stoic. To ease my pain I had my husband take me to the yarn store. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a brick and mortar for yarn. It’s a little intimidating to me. The shop and its workers are very lovely so thats not the issue. I think I’ve just gotten way to used to buying craft related items online. I always say I will go back to the lys more often, but I never do. Online shopping is just to easy and with priority mail its quick enough.

So I found a new yarn while browsing at the store. Its Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. I’ve heard a lot about Cascade 220 on Ravelry, but that yarn is to heavy for me so I didn’t really explore the line. I found their solid sock yarn and I need one in every color now. Plus its only 11.25 at the store. I got two skeins of over 400 yds of sock yarn for less than 25 dollars.  One skein of indie dyed yarn costs as much as two of these. I wont be giving up my hand paints anytime soon but damn!  Its weird buying sock yarn where the color name is just a number. Its a normal superwash/ nylon blend. It feels soft enough. I might even try some color work socks now that I’ve discovered this yarn. Alright I won’t get ahead of myself. Onto the yarn.

IMG_3760 IMG_3755I guess I will go get some things done before its time for my first school pick up. This day has gone by fast thanks to yarn shopping.


Liam’s Quilt

The quilt for my nephew is finished. It was a great stash buster.

IMG_3729 IMG_3731I just did wonky straight line quilting about an inch apart. Here is the back.

IMG_3733I tried to figure out the back myself and make up the design and piece it. I measured wrong so that came out a bit wonky to.

IMG_3736I did a scrappy binding. Some of the binding fabrics are featured in the quilt, some are not. For the first time instead of hand sewing my binding to the front I machine sewed it. Using a tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts was very helpful. I think this will be the way I do it from now on. Stitching in the ditch was not easy at first but got easier as I was finishing it up.

My daughter starts kindergarten tomorrow. I’m trying to be strong for her but I’m feeling very anxious and sad about it. Wish me luck.




It’s Twins

I’m talking about socks of course.  Usually when I make self striping socks I don’t put much effort into making them match, but this time I did try to start at the same stripe and it worked. The second sock of this pair was my first sock finished on a 12 inch circular needle. Was it faster? Yes. Was it because of the needle ? Or was it because I was excited to use the new needle and I devoted more time to knitting it? Could be!

IMG_3682 IMG_3717I used the strong heel on these so I wouldn’t have issues with disrupting the stripes.

IMG_3686 IMG_3697I also did that folded down hem thing. I’m not sure what its called but I certainly like the look of it. Its the same process that I use for a picot cuff. You just fold it down and knit the hem together with the stitches on your needles. I know its nothing new but its still kind of new to me. I also did my first three needle bind off on a sock. It’s much easier to close socks this way. I will use it again.

The yarn is Austermann Step. I need to make socks longer when using this yarn. I had too much left.



Who Knew?

I have heard murmurings about knitting socks on 9 inch or 12 inch needles. It seemed kind of crazy to me. I was reading a thread on Ravelry about the fastest way to knit socks and some people mentioned that using one needle and not having to transition between needles worked well for them. I thought about it and knitting a sock on one circular needle reminded me of knitting a hat. Knitting a hat goes pretty fast for me. The idea of little circulars no longer seemed so crazy. My impulsive nature took over and I acquired some teeny tiny circulars for sock knitting.

I went to Joann’s and got some seriously overpriced clover 9 inch needles. (I had a 50% off coupon which put them at a little over 7 bucks. How clover needles can possibly cost more than hiya-hiya or chiaogoo is beyond me). I liked knitting with them and could see great potential, however the tips were just a little too short for me. I had some 12 inch chiaogoo’s come in the mail and so I switched the 9 inches out for those and I quite like it. The tips have just the bit of extra length I needed. I knit a 72 stitch sock. I don’t see how anyone using any fewer stitches could use a 12 inch. I don’t think there would be enough stitches to go around the needle. I had been doing my little experiment on plain vanilla socks. Since I had purchased two 12 inch needles I immediately cast on a sock with some sort of pattern. I looked through my copy of Coop Knits Socks and started Calamint.  I had some Tanis Fiber Arts in Orange Blossom and here are the results so far.

IMG_3671This is a horrible picture but you get the idea. It’s a sock on one needle. Just one! So far so good.

I also got some new yarn from a Ravelry destash.  It’s new to me, and its called Seacoast Handpainted Panda.


Its 60% merino 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. I don’t think I’ve ever knit with bamboo, and I loved the combo of pink and grey. The color is called Coal and Fire. The fire part to me seems inaccurate since its pink, but I’m no artist.

We shall see if this mini circular sock knitting thing sticks. In other news I’m back up to six projects. I’m working through the feelings of shame that this is causing. I blame the three mini circulars I bought this weekend.