I’ve been coveting Tanis yarn in the color Iris for a while. Ever since I saw this post. Those socks are so beautiful! I could not find that color at my normal Tanis sources, and I didn’t want to order directly from her because I’m impatient, and used to priority mail within the states.  Which is pretty silly because her shipping does not take long at all considering its coming from Canada and going to Texas. I also checked Ravelry stashes. Understandably nobody was willing to sell or trade it.  I just found it at a U.S. retailer so by this time it would have been here for a month from Canada, but anyway moving on..I got it at eat.sleep.knit and yes it was here within about 2 days yay.

IMG_3308It does not disappoint in person. Im looking forward to the day I get all these projects off my needles and I can go forth with a fresh perspective and pick beautiful new yarns from the stash and start some new projects!

I also picked up some yarn from a Ravelry destash. I got two skeins of Tosh Merino Light for 35 dollars. Over 800 yards. Enough for a shawl. After I bought it I realized it was a single. So far I hate singles but it was too late. It’s a good lesson to do your research before you buy a yarn based on color alone. This color is turning out to be hard to photograph. Its called Manor and its a dark blue green color, but in all my pictures it looks black.


We will see if I like this single any better than others. I doubt it. The only single I’ve used has been Malabrigo Lace and it turned into a beautiful finished object but I did not like knitting with it.  Which reminds me I need to destash that Mal Lace.

Well have a good knitting weekend folks.




The Knitting is Back

I’ve discovered the best stich marker/other notions organizer ever. Its the Folca Box and I bought it from the Gossamer Web. This thing surpasses the altoids tin in my opinion. Mine is a bit empty right now because I have a shawl taking up all my favorite stitch markers, but its still evident how nifty this box is.

IMG_3179 IMG_3181I have another box similar to this that I bought at my lys but this one has a few more larger compartments.

Now on to the knitting.

The Pattern: Surrender Dorothy (Twisted Sock Club Shipment)

Yarn: Hazel Knits Piquant Lite (Love it)

Color: Happy Hour

IMG_3200 IMG_3189This pattern is supposed to illustrate the tornado in the Wizard of Oz I think. I think its pretty nifty. There is a little cabling that meets together in the back. The picture above kind of shows that. ( I don’t know how people take pictures of the back of their own socks while on their own feet.)

There isn’t much to say about the pattern. It’s a pretty straightforward knit. If I had knit the heel flap as written it would have been to long for me, but those adjustments are easy to make.

I love the Hazel Knits Piquant Lite. I made a hasty judgement about it when I started knitting these, but I wish I could get my hands on more of it. The yarn budget is gone due to the kids birthdays and my husbands birthday this summer. So acquiring some Piquant Lite will have to wait.

The color (like most reds) was hard to photograph. It reminds me of hot cheetos. It’s got these red orange undertones that just look just like the chips.

These are the first sock club socks I’ve managed to finish. Getting these off my needles makes me feel light and happy. I feel like my goal of getting the wip’s under four is going to happen. I don’t have anything that I desperately want to cast on so that always helps when one is trying to lessen the wip’s.

My daughter is turning five on Sunday. She wanted to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese. I haven’t been there since the 1980’s, and I’ve never been the mother hosting a birthday party, so this should be interesting. Wish me luck!!


It Still Works….

My brain that is. I hate doing math and figuring things out for myself but sometimes its necessary if you dont want to pay for something. I was checking out those little folded clutch looking things on etsy for holding your knitting needles, and I didn’t want to pay 30-40 dollars for one.  I decided to do something I’ve never done before….make something without a pattern. I would say my success was limited but it only took three hours, and it does what I need it to do. I present to you my own little needle holder thingy.


I feel like its way to big. If I made another one I would cut it smaller. IMG_3162 IMG_3161 IMG_3165 IMG_3167I love the fabrics and the pockets are the perfect depth for my 16’s and 24’s. I’m very happy. It’s nothing that I could ever sell to someone, but it cost me nothing but time. The one I made the other day….

IMG_3131FAIL. Did not work at all. The kids are playing with it now. Live and learn!

This has just turned into a just sewing blog lately, but all the things I’m knitting right now are longterm projects. I hope to have some knitting content soon. Have a good weekend and Happy Father’s Day!