Vancouver Rain Cowl

The Vancouver Rain Cowl is completed. This is my first cowl and I think they are brilliant. I don’t know how to tie a scarf, although I’m sure its easy to learn, now I dont have to. I just wrap this round my neck twice and I’m done. I’m still confused over the difference between a cowl and an infinity scarf. Maybe there is no difference? ..


This first picture is with it just hanging and not doubled. IMG_2881This is how it looks looped around twice. The only thing I would do differently is to knit more rows of border to prevent the curling.

I used Sokkusu Original in the color HB#2. I wanted to use the whole skein but got scared and had to finish it. I was worried I would be at the bind off and run out of yarn which is the worst. So I had a little ball of yarn left over.

This cowl is for my mother. She has to take the bus and during the winter it can get quite cold for her. I’m trying to get a jump on all of my winter knitting so I can have all the stuff I want to use at the start of our short, short winter. Next on my list is a cowl for myself. At this point in my knitting career I can’t bring myself to knit the same thing twice, so I shall find a new cowl pattern for the next one.  How to block a cowl had me stumped. Often the most obviously simple things confuse me. Google told me how to do it. I put blocking wires on each of the closed ends and then pinned the edges. I had a few points on the edges but not to bad.  I took about 9 days to knit this and it ended up being about 34.5 inches. Happy Knitting!


Three Bags

As I was knitting the other night my yarn kept getting caught in the zipper of my square project bag. I like to keep my yarn in the bags and let it feed out as I knit. Usually this isn’t a problem because my yarn is in a center pull ball. This time it was not and the yarn could not roll around freely in the bag because of the zipper. Seeing as how I’ve collected quite a few square project bags from etsy this kind of stank.  I found this nifty tutorial for drawstring bags. They are the perfect size for socks etc. This tutorial is one of the easiest things I’ve ever sewn. After doing two bags I had it memorized.  Here are my new project bags.


The one in the middle is the only one with drawstrings made of fabric. The other two I got kind of lazy and used ribbon. IMG_2873

They are all fully lined. In the middle bag is my first ever knit cowl type thing I’m working on.  It’s the Vancouver Rain Cowl.
IMG_2869On this bag I got even lazier. You see those white stitches where the bag draws up? Shouldn’t have happened that way. If I had dragged my butt up to get coordinating yarn it would have looked much better, but I opted not to because its just for me and I really didn’t want to get up. I had a good reason! My back went out this weekend and its been hell. Even in immense pain crafting persevered.  I think I’m slightly addicted to making these bags and seeing as how they only take about an hour or two to make I see more in my future. Now I’m off to Ravelry to see what people who didn’t have a broken back got up to this weekend.

P.S. I may be posting more professionally etsy made bags on ravelry for destash. The square ones.



No this post isn’t about Citizen Kane! I recently finished a shawl and the pattern is Rosebud by Tincanknits. If you are a reader of this blog you know I love to grow hybrid tea roses so I just had to knit this shawl.

IMG_2840 IMG_2838 IMG_2855It’s quite hard for me to take decent pictures of shawls. I don’t have any grownup sized models and my husband takes horrible pictures of me modeling things.

I used Malabrigo Lace in the color Orchid. When I ordered this yarn I either didnt notice it was single ply or was to dumb to realize what that meant. The yarn is really soft but I don’t think I enjoy knitting with single ply yarn. I felt like it was very fragile. When I was blocking I was afraid that I was going to break it.  I didn’t use all of the yarn and then I have another 900 yards in Indigo. I might be destashing it.

My shoulders have been hurting a lot lately. So my knitting might get even slower than it is now. It’s really hard to stop knitting despite the pain. Le sigh. Well I hope you all are having a good knitting week. Good day.


Party Pink

That’s the name of my newest lace yarn. It’s a 55% bfl/45% silk blend from Swift Fiber Studios. The yardage is very generous at 875 yards.  It’s a steal at only 27 dollars.




Isn’t she pretty? This yarn has a lovely sheen.

I have a love, hate relationship with stitch markers. I love all the varieties and prettiness, but all the ones I’ve bought so far have snagged my yarn or just plain broke. I’ve tried the dangling ball type ones with the smaller ball at the bottom. The little ball at the bottom snags the yarn. Ive tried the little rings with the colored bead sealing them. The ones I’ve bought look like they were hot glued together and promptly came apart. I’ve also tried the plain old round plastic ones from knitpicks. They did the job just fine but they were just boring to look at. The Loopy Ewe had an update of Knitifacts stitch markers. I’ve always wanted to try them after hearing other knitters rave about them. So far they look much more solidly built than other markers of a similar nature.


This what came with my order. A little plastic container to keep them in. A ruler, and a little postcard of a free pattern the owner has on ravelry.  I ended up ordering mine directly from Knitifacts etsy shop. The Loopy Ewe just made me want them. IMG_2831

These are the ringlets and they fit up to a size US 8. This set pictured above is called Moonshadows and they are anodized aluminum.

IMG_2832These are the fringe markers which fit up to a US 4.  What I like about these markers is while the other little unsatisfactory ones I’ve bought on etsy only came with about eight markers.  Knitifacts gives you 20 ringlets and 12 of the fringe markers. They were 14 dollars each, but well worth it if they dont snag my knitting. They are also fun to look at.

During my quilting break I’ve managed to break my serger needle and my regular sewing machines needle. All on this one little project. This is the pattern. Its called Lollipop Bags.


This is my version of the bag. I left the rosette off. IMG_2828

The pattern was nice and quick and it has a little design feature that allows it to stand on its own. IMG_2829See the bottom there? Thats what allows it to stand. Pretty neat I think.  So I was serging the seams inside and apparently I hit some super thick nubbin and bam the needle broke. Then on my regular machine I think I hit the zipper and that broke the needle. I’m really horrible with zippers. I think I need to buy some more heavy duty needles for when I’m sewing bags. I also managed to somehow break my walking foot when I was making my last quilt so I got a nice replacement on Ebay.  My streak of bad luck just kept on going. The other night I managed to get my finger caught in a door jamb and I mangled my wedding set.  They had to replace a small portion of the white gold and it cost 238.00!!! Then the tv started smoking and created this horrible smell, needless to say its done for. We are also having to get a new roof which comes with a hefty insurance deductible. Then I dropped four stitches while knitting my Haruni shawl. You know what that means rrrriiiiiiipppppppp.

The good news is I’ve recovered from all of these little inconveniences and if this is the worst that life has to throw at me I consider myself very, very, lucky.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are going to SeaWorld. Woohoo