I’ve Serged

It’s true what they say about sergers being intimidating. Thats if you just sit there and look at them. Once you get going its not so bad. The instructions on how to thread in the instruction manual are really confusing. The machine itself has a diagram on how to thread on there and it is much more clear. So I threaded it all by myself and it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard. Totally doable.  In my little serger book it had some beginning projects. I made a pillowcase. It was fun.


IMG_2788My husband photo bombed me. (I think thats what its called.)

IMG_2799Now that I’ve serged I’m still not clear on when to use it in my regular sewing projects. I’ve done a google search and I’m still not clear so off to Ravelry I go!

I got some new yarn in the mail and also some 50’s dress patterns. (I forgot to take pictures of the patterns. I hope to remember for the next post.) Here is the yarn. It’s Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label. Its a one of a kind colorway called Pastel.

IMG_2795I’m kind of feeling buyers remorse. Looking at this picture now maybe I’m not so remorseful. In person it looks a little bit too brownish/green for me. I’m thinking of destashing it. It might grow on me, we will see.

Things are a little slow here at the homestead on Easter. We’ve colored eggs and we are just waiting for the baby to wake up from his nap to do the egg hunt. I think I might go take a nap. I hope your Easter is as nice and relaxed as mine is shaping up to be.




Its Here

It’s quite intimidating but so are most things you’ve never used before. You might be wondering what I’m talking about? Well I’ve bought a serger! I even paid for amazon prime so I could get it on Saturday.


I think this serger is at the lower end of the price range. It was 399. 00 I saw some for 199.00 but I wasn’t quite sure what the differences were for a 100 dollars more. I hope I haven’t been duped, but most people say when it comes to sewing machines get the best one you can afford. I’m just a little bit intimidated by the machine and all the wacky bobs and doodles on it. Im sure once I set about properly learning how to use it it will be fine. I want to start making dresses and such, and I want to have the finishing look as professional as possible. IMG_2787I bought two books about sergers. This is the first one. The second should arrive on Tuesday. I’m going to read the instruction manual and these books before I even touch it. I do have a first project in mind. Its a skrit for my daughter and the pattern suggests serging.  I guess I will have to go out and buy those big cones of thread now (yikes). Wish me luck.

Happy Easter!


Man I wish there was a Ravelry for sewing. I know there are sites out there that are kind of like Ravelry, but so far I’ve found none that are really good at letting me track my sewing projects. Well enough of that whining on to the good stuff. I finished a quilt from the book
Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe (Patchwork Place)
. I believe the pattern is called Petals. When I saw that it was mostly grey I knew I had to make it. The quilt is about a twin size.

IMG_2781 IMG_2771 IMG_2784

The straight line quilting made that part really easy and speedy. The cutting for the quilt was also minimal. I’m going to use this as a lap quilt for when I’m knitting. It will be way better than my Wal-mart throw with the holes in it. I don’t think I’m going to start another quilt for a while. The next one I want to make is a king size so thats going to be a big project. I’m just going to make a few little things for my daughter. I also would like to make some little bags. In the super ambitious part of my mind I want to make a 50’s style dress for myself. I’ve already ordered the patterns …..

Too Cute

I finally got a Facebook account, and so far it hasn’t been horrible. I caught a Tanis Fiberarts OOAK (one of a kind) update thanks to her posting it on Facebook. Otherwise I never know about them. I got a cute skein of yarn from the update. Then I found this tutorial for this cute little oven mitt on Facebook also. IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2764

Easter egg oven mitts. I find them extremely cute and luckily I had the perfect fabric on hand. I made two mitts and it didn’t even take a full fat quarter. I had some leftover insul-brite from when I was making potholders so everything lined up perfectly. It took me like 30 minutes tops to make one. Love it! The tutorial can be found here.