Sadnosity & Gardening

We all have heard about what happend on Friday and my heart goes out to all those families whose children and loved ones were killed in CT. This tragedy has deeply saddened me. Having children myself I have to try and not let this ruin the holidays for me. They are to young to understand. It makes me really not want to send them out into the world, but to try and keep them sheltered at home forever would be doing them a great disservice. I just try to remember that there are way more good people in the world than there are bad.

I read on the The Loopy Blog that there wont be anymore Socktopus yarn for a while due to them relocating their operations so I had to order one during this last update.

IMG_2307The colorway is HB #2.  I’m a big fan of grey so I think its fabulous.

I also got some lace weight yarn from Swift Fiber Studios. Its a Bfl silk blend called Tidepool.


We also did a little gardening this weekend. I think we have completely crossed over into the world of crazy. We have way to many pots in the back now. No more plants!!! So anyway we got an avocado tree and a meyer lemon tree. I also got a new rose bush. Its called Memorial Day. Its another hybrid tea rose of a pinkish color. The leaves are a light green compared to the darker green leaves of my other rose bushes. I took a picture of the trees but forgot the rose bush as I was to overcome by the beautiful blooms on my stainless steel rose bush.


This rose bush was the ugliest one I ever purchased and I didn’t think it would make it, yet it continues to make these beautiful giant white/grey blooms.

Here are the trees.




IMG_2314Potted Meyer.  So this is our second lemon tree. I hear Meyer Lemons are less tart than traditional lemons so that will be interesting.

I’m having a difficult time finishing up my Pointelle socks. I finished the right sock and then realized I put the heel on the wrong side of the sock. So I ripped back to the heel and put it on the right side and started knitting the foot again. Then upon even closer inspection I realized I messed up on the pattern of the leg as well. So I ripped back part of the foot, and the heel, and half of the leg. I fixed all my mistakes and am back on the heel flap of the right sock. During the time that the right sock sat finished, but unbeknownst to me horribly deformed, I had reached the heel flap on the left sock. So I have two half finished socks now instead of one finished and one half finished. A lot of people would have put these socks aside after the second frog but I’m determined. I wont let this sock beat me. The pattern isnt even hard. I just have a hard time paying attention to teeny tiny charts in books sometimes. I did scan it onto my computer but it came out crooked which probably didn’t help me knit it right.

Well thats all I got for now.  Happy Holidays


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