The Five Month Sock

Yes it took five months to make a sock. I know that it can take longer than that but this sock was so close to completion for so long there was no excuse for the time line on this one. The pattern was not complicated nor hard to memorize it just got put on the back burner I guess. I started this sock on July 28th and finished it on December 29th.

The pattern is Harvest Dew by Rose Hiver. The yarn is Swift Fiber Studio BFL Nylon and the color is French Roast.

IMG_2393Now Im not a brown person. Well actually I am a brown person, but I don’t usually like to have anything to do with the color brown when it comes to clothing and knitting. When I saw this color I was inexplicably drawn to it. It might be the bit of orange and grey mixed in with the brown but I absolutely love the color of these socks. This is the only pair of socks in my hand knit collection like this. They are truly unique to me.

IMG_2396If you are looking for a pattern that will work with variegated yarns then this might just be the pattern for you. It does have slip stitches but not in the way that makes the sock small. The slip stitch does not compromise the fit of the sock at all. That has no been my experience previously. You can knit this pattern without looking at it after the first few repeats. Maybe thats why it took me so long to finisht them. You can just put it down for months, and pick it back up and get back into the rhythm of it with no problem.  Im glad they are finally done because they feel fabulous.  That’s two works in progress off my list in only a weekend. I guess this tells me that when I apply myself and stop starting things I can get stuff done. Duh!  I’m not going to reward myself for these accomplishments by starting another project. The year is almost over so for at least a month I will practice some good habits! Good luck with any changes you hope to make in the new year.


Meet Lucy

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. Ours was delightful. The children had a ball and we had a good meal. Now on to 2013. Im excited to start the new year. My anniversary is coming up and I really really want a Lane cedar hope chest. They are expensive so we will see. The sad thing is my mother had one when I was growing up and got rid of it. It would have been so nice to have it  now.  Im sure most of you dont come here to read my wish list for the various holidays so on to the knitting. I’ve been knitting Pointelle for about forever due to my inability to follow directions. I think I mentioned it before but on the right sock I knit the heel flap on the wrong half. Then after I fixed that I noticed a mistake on the leg. So after ripping the heel and part of the foot once, I had to rip the heel again and part of the leg the next time. So I feel like Ive knit about two pairs of socks at this point. I also got to use my first skein of TFA yarn. I’m glad I just ordered a bunch more because I like it.  So without further ado Pointelle by Cookie A. knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Tidal.

IMG_2370The knitting of a heel flap was ok and it feels ok on my foot so I will probably do it again. I still think the short row is my go to heel, but I don’t think I will alter patterns to avoid heel flaps anymore.

IMG_2371See that flap there? I did that!

So with my Christmas loot I went to Pier 1 and I found this amazing head. Yes a head, and I’ve named her Lucy.

IMG_2381This her doing her new job. She is going to be my hat model. I don’t knit many hats but when you find a glass head as a knitter you cant pass that up. Now if I could only find a pair of feet.

IMG_2384Here she is naked. Her head looks cold doesn’t it? She was only 20 dollars. I think her intended use is for decoration, but to me that seems kind of weird. The kids aren’t afraid of her and that makes me happy. So hopefully Lucy will become a regular on the blog. See ya in 2013 folks.





Early Christmas

So there are a few new things to write about this week. The domain of my blog has changed. Its Yes I just linked back to my own blog! I feel this domain is more appropriate. When I first started my blog my husband had a bunch of domains that he had bought and pixemic was the most girly of the ones that he had so I picked that one. I dont know what a pixemic is or what it means, but I we all know ktbl. I even have a ktbl sticker on my car. I figured out how to name my blog also so now I’m SewKnit. Its horribly original isnt it!  Well I think these are all good changes going into 2013.

So Christmas has come early for me. The hoarding of Soctopus yarn continues. The Loopy Ewe update had some new to me colors so I decided to buy a few more seeing as how this yarn might be in short supply next year.

IMG_2361This color is Spring Storm. It’s more variegated than what I’ve been buying lately but I just fell in love with it. I guess its the muted tones that look gray. The next color I absolutely loved also.

IMG_2359This one is called Pout. I just love the combo of pink and grey (just in case you hadn’t noticed by now). I feel like I should have bought more than one of these, but to me that type of thinking borders on dangerous. I don’t want to become that crazy about yarn. Especially when I dont need more than one skein for a project. I feel like it would be weird just to buy more than one just because I love the color.

I also finished some knitting. My mom wanted a hat so I started this one on December 22nd and finished it today December 24th. Its miraculous that I finished this hat because at about three inches in I had to restart due to the brim of the hat being to small.  You know how a lot of these patterns have you start with smaller needles for the ribbing and go up once you start the pattern. Well that didn’t work with this hat. We have big heads in my family so I don’t know if that will ever be an appropriate thing for me to do. I do like the look of the ribbing when done on a smaller needle than the body of the hat. Oh well.  The pattern is Nolita Cap by Caryl Pierre.



Unfortunately my yarn choice for this pattern wasn’t very inspired. Its just a bit to variegated for this pattern. Even though it didn’t look so in the skein. The yarn is Skein Himalaya in the color Inkstone. Its got 20% cashmere so it will feel nice on her head. I do like the hat despite the fact that the pattern is a little overwhelmed by the color.



The pattern was easily memorized and well written. I will definitely knit this again in a more solid shade.

Well thats it folks. I hope you all enjoy the holidays.


Gift Card Bags

I came across this nice tutorial over at Noodlehead for an open wide zippered pouch. I really wanted to make one but I have a lot of bags already. I knew that my desire to sew this bag would find a way, and one day it occurred to me that these would be really cute to enclose the giftcards that I bought for my mom and sister in law. So without further ado here are my versions of the bag.


IMG_2327I made one bag and botched it really bad. So I re read through the pattern to figure out what I did wrong and started on my second (the white one). When that came out ok I was happy to find that I had enough fabric left in the red to make the third in the same fabric/lining combo of the deformed first bag. I still have a really hard time sewing in zippers even with the zipper foot. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? It looks so easy on you tube. The pattern gives you the option of using interfacing. I  think I used pellon #808 and they stand up nicely without being really stiff.

IMG_2332I think they are beyond cute and I hope the recipients like them!