Boy Quilt

I seem to be buying a lot of yarn, but not knitting much if you go by my blog posts. Its not true!  I have three single socks finished and three of their mates on the needles. Im also plugging away at a log cabin blanket for my mom, and another pair of socks are 75% done. I also have a scarf in progress. I will never have this many projects going at once again because Im getting nothing done!  I’m desperate to cast on a shawl and a hat but I’ve decided I can’t continue to cast on projects like the word is actually gonna end on December 21st!

I had a credit at the Loopy Ewe  so I got some new yarn and a chiaogoo needle.

Its Sokkusu and the colorway is My Funny Valentine. I didn’t think I liked this yarn but I made a pair of socks out of it and I loved knitting them and they are my favorite pair to wear. So this is my second time stashing this yarn. I want much much more of it.

I’m going to start another quilt this time for my son. These are some of the fabrics I will be using.

Im making the quilt from the book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters: 60 Blocks + a Dozen Quilts and Projects!  So wish me luck dear readers, and have a great weekend.

When Daddy’s Away…

I got some new goodies today and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. My husband left today on a business trip so we will just keep this little order to ourselves. I have some plans to make some hats. The designer had a black friday sale so I went ahead and bought the patterns. I’m going to make Chelsea Market Hat by Caryl Pierre and also by Caryl the  Nolita Cap . I seriously havent seen such cute hats in a long time. I’m usually not into making hats, but I figure I will get tired of making socks someday. So I got some new to me yarn from Doodlebug Yarnwho was having a great black friday sale.  The yarn is by Skein and its called Himalaya. Its DK weight 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere and 280 yards / 100 grams.

This first color is called Outlaw

This colorway is Inkstone

I’m not sure which colorway will be for which pattern. Any suggestions? It will be nice to knit with something other than fingering weight. Don’t get me wrong some of that was purchased to. I found a color of Malabrigo Sock that I have never seen before also at Doodlebug Yarns.

This beautiful color is called Lotus. Its soooo me. Its grey and pink and grey/pink and beautiful. Im smitten.  I also got some more chiaogoo’s from Handsome Fibers for sock knitting.  So even though my husband and I are in different states for the first time, and Im missing him it was still a good day.  If you are reading this dear husband I wont be buying anymore yarn. Yes this declaration is different from the 50 other times Ive said it. I promise!

Thanksgiving Yarn

I’ve decided not to rejoin the Cookie A. Sock Club. I had to sell two skeins out of six so I figure its best that I buy my own yarn. So I went on a little wild shopping spree and bought some yarn to compensate for my lack of sock club sadness. I wanted nothing but Tanis Fiber Arts so I went to Thats the only place that I know of online in the states that I can get it.

So I decided to get a few colors that are outside of my color safety zone. The color pictured above is Olive.

This one is Lilac.

Pink Grapefruit here.

Last but not least this color is Dove. They are all blue label which is her superwash merino. I didnt opt for an mcn because her merino base is very soft.

So the funny part about this splurge is after I ordered I did end up joining a sock club. I joined the twisted sock club .  The reason I joined this club is because it lists all the yarns and designers they will be working with ahead of time. They were all yarns I wanted to try or already like, and all the designers are ones that I already like or have admired. So the mystery will lie in the color of the yarn and the design.  I think with Cookie A there was just a little to much mystery. I think I need more control so the Twisted club is perfect.  Well thats all I’ve got for now. I’m off to start prepping for the big day tomorrow. To all my readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

I Can’t Believe It

I finished my first quilt. I don’t know if I ever truly believed that I would finish it. I need to have more faith in myself! It was a long process. I started the quilt in earnest around mid September. The quilt top was finished October 3rd. I finished quilting it on Sunday and had the border done Monday night.

I made the quilt for my daughter and she loves it. So do her little dolls. They had their wedding ceremony on the quilt.

This is the back of the quilt.

I did the border in a light yellow. I had to hand stitch the border and I thought that was going to be hard and take a long time, but it took less than two days. So far I’ve only found two spots I need to fix after its gone through the washer and dryer. I thought it would just completely fall apart.

I think it might fit a full size bed. I think we are gonna use it as a couch quilt for naps and tv watching in the winter.

I didn’t know if quilting would be for me. I must admit the cutting almost did me in. I really need to improve my cutting, but after that I enjoyed the experience. The actual quilting of the blanket was intimidating on my home machine but it went just fine. I’ve never really done hand sewing so I was surprised that it went so quickly.  It seems the parts of the process that I thought would be hardest were the easiest and most enjoyable.

I was very anxious to start planning my next quilt. I kept telling myself wait until you see if you can finish this one. So today I’m going to get started buying some fabrics for my son’s quilt. I’ve learned so much and I think the next quilt will be even better.