One day I was quietly knitting on my Omelet shawl and like a bolt of lightning I was struck with the realization that the littles in my life had no winter hats! So I had to start knitting right away. I started with the littlest of all the littles and that is my nephew Liam. He is six months old. I used the hat pattern from the book by Ann Budd the one with all the handy patterns in different gauges. Its called The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. I decided to knit the hat like I would a sock, just make it a hat instead of a sock. So I got out my trusty size 2 circs and went to work.

I hate making pom poms. They inevitably come apart and fall off the hat, but I had to try. Now I have to make two more hats each one a little bit bigger than the last. I think my daughter can wear this color to. So one for my son and then on to her.

I also got some new yarn in the mail. The colorway is Calendula from Swift Fiber Studio.

It takes quite of bit of specialness to make me buy an orange skein of yarn. I saw this color months ago and really wanted it but my new frugality stopped me. Lo and behold it was still there when I decided to spare the cash to buy it. My birthday is coming up and I’m trying to decide on joining Cookie A’s sock club again, or taking a big risk and buying the chiaogoo interchangeable set (even though I said I would never buy another set again), or joining the Tanis Fiber Arts sock club (highly intrigued by their yarn). If anyone has any experience with the new chiaogoo set or the Tanis sock club I would love to hear about it.



Fields of Lace

I started a shawl on August 29th and I finished it and blocked it September 22nd. If it takes me less than a month to knit a shawl then you know it must have been loads of good fun. The shawl was Wendy Johnsons Island Time Shawl.  This shawl was a great knit. It was my first bottom up shawl and I think so far that is my favorite way to knit a shawl. I used one skein of Malabrigo Sock in the Light of Love colorway.

I still have not mastered blocking. I think next time I need to use my yard stick to make sure everything is even and equal. That would probably help.

When I was knitting this shawl there was no frogging, no lifelines, just perfection (well in my eyes anyway).

I love this shawl. I want to cast on another bottom up shawl but I still have to finish Omelet….must finish Omelet.  The Loopy Ewe had a Malabrigo Sock update this week. I was soooo tempted but I knew my husband would kill me. My first knitting rule that I just created right now is do not acquire more debt to buy beautiful sock yarn.  Have a good weekend knitters. Yarn pron coming next week!

Knitting Stuff (and sewing)

So yesterday I went to my lys and returned the second unused skein of Madelinetosh DK. They only do store credit so I got a nice skein of Malabrigo sock instead.

The colorway is Indecieta. I’ve been buying so much blue yarn its not even funny. I guess we all go through a color stage sometimes.

It’s been a rainy few days here. It’s been raining since Thursday. Good crafting weather if you ask me. Today I’ve been working on my quilt squares. My husband asked me when the quilt was going to be done because I’ve been working on it for weeks. He obviously has no idea of how big a project a quilt is. Or how little time I have to sew…

I bought two charm packs and one jelly role and over two yards of white fabric for the squares. It’s Moda’s Birds and Berries. I got everything cut and I’ve been making the solid squares. This is a beginner quilt so the piecing is very simple.  The pattern is from The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker, 12 Quilt Projects by Elizabeth Hartman. Here is one of the completed squares.

Quilting has a lot more involved than I thought. I hadn’t even thought about having to square up the squares. I bought a rotating cutting board for that. I’m horrible at cutting so hopefully this will improve my skills. When Im making quilt squares I’m really wanting to work on my Island Time Shawl. Here are some progress pictures.

I love love knitting this shawl and I love this Malabrigo color. Its Malabrigo Sock in the Light of Love color.  Well thats all thats going on on this sleepy Sunday. We are under a flood watch so hopefully all the yarn doesn’t float away. Have a good one!

Berét de Printemps

Yay my works in progress are going down. I finished the birthday hat. It’s for my brothers girlfriend/mother of my nephew. She’s learning how to knit (prodigy), but in the meantime she wanted a hat! She also has excellent taste in yarn. She picked a beautiful denim type color of Madelinetosh Tosh Dk. I think the color was called ink.  The pattern is Beret de Printemps and it took less than one skein of  the yarn which I think was around 255 or 225 yards. The only thing I didn’t like about this pattern was the funny stockinette brim that rolled. So instead I did a 2×2 twisted rib. I think a lot of people changed the brim. I hate rolly stockinette. I don’t think rolly is a word but alas it should be!