They Call Her The Streak

This is my summer of luck. If you recall I won a book from Violently Domestic a little while ago, and now I won the prize for June in the Cookie A sock club. This is my first year being in the club and so far it seems that a prize is given every month there is a shipment. The prize winners are picked from people who complete socks with the patterns or the yarns that are included. I dont know how the winners are picked or anything like that, but in my eyes the system works because I won. The month of June I actually knit both patterns that were included with the shipment so I figured my odds might be decent. This is what I won.

Its Plucky Feet in colorway Bleu and a Lopi book. I think the Lopi book is from Iceland. I wont ever knit anything from it but its nice to look through. I also got some little portable bag thing with a sheep on the front. It didn’t want to be photographed today. I’ve been wanting more Plucky yarn ever since we got one in the club shipment so I’m very happy with my prize. To bad I wont be knitting with August yarn or doing any of the patterns because Im sure the prize will be great.

The reveal

Well the bathroom is mostly done. Just a few finishing touches to complete. Just as a reminder here is the old bathroom.

This is how it looks now.

I think its quite the change and I love it!

We got new matchy things like the toilet paper holder and towel rack.

The new smaller vanity makes the bathroom feel larger, and we also got the matching mirror.

The new baseboards are in and painted.

I just need to clean up all the dust after we finish up tonight and we will have a bathroom that we will be proud to have our guests use. We did it all on our own and it was only around 1000 dollars. Almost half of that was spent on the floor tiles, but we have no regrets. We are quite pleased with the result and best of all I know my husband and I can complete a renovation and get along very well while doing it.


Keep on Dancing

What causes full body pain, and a lack of knitting? Renovations thats what. Our downstairs guest bathroom was disgusting. No matter how much I cleaned it still looked horrible. We’ve owned this house for about two years so it was time to do something about it. I told my husband that I would be painting it this weekend. When we went to Lowe’s for the paint I told him we should just look at a vanity. Just do a little window shopping….

Well one thing led to another and now we are doing the whole bathroom. Its small so we thought it shouldnt be that hard. We were wrong!

This is what we started with

Contractor grade mirror and light fixture.

A floor that never comes clean.

A cheap crappy cabinet.

Ugly paint color and bad paint job by previous owners.

So this is what we had to deal with. A completely sufficient and functional bathroom that looked quite shabby.

This is after the demo. Our ever so helpful assistant was by our side as usual. That mirror left decent sized holes in the drywall.

Lovely concrete floor. Yeah that vinyl flooring is disgusting. 

My husband picked out the flooring. Its teeny tiny glass, and marble tiles. They are greyish blue and white and clear. I need to learn how to turn off my flash. If you ever think about doing your own flooring make sure you are in peak physical condition. Being on your hands and knees for hours and hours is hard on your body. Putting down grout and laying tiles is no fun. I would recommend it as a diy project for smallish areas, but again its hard!

I think they look pretty cool. Again the flash distorts the color of the tile.

This is the room after paint. The paint color is called “Going Grey” They should have called it just Blue. I still like it anyway. We initially bought a lavender paint when I thought I was just painting the bathroom, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Now I have paint for another room. That paint will be sitting in the garage for a while after this project.

Now for some pictures without the flash. These are the true colors of the room.

The new light fixture has been installed.

This is what the floor looks like now before the baseboards are put back in. (needs to be cleaned)

Here is what the paint color mostly looks like.

We still have to put the new vanity in and put the toilet and baseboards back in. It’s only been four days but I’m completely knackered and cant sit or stand without pain due to body soreness. Renovation is not for the faint of heart. Through all the hard work I’ve had fun spending time with my family and working with my husbad. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Stay tuned for the finished product tomorrow. Hopefully it all comes together well.


Rough Cut

So my husband watches Rough Cut on Pbs.  If you haven’t seen it the host is cute with one of those great Boston accents. (I guess thats the main draw for me anyway. My husband probably likes the woodworking etc.)He had this nifty episode for making a potting station and my husband saved it on the dvr, took notes while watching the episode, and proceded to make it. I’m linking the shop where you can buy the dvd and plans just in case you are interested, but if you can ever catch the episode you wont ever need to buy them. We just bought some cedar at Lowe’s and that was all he needed.

Before the creation of the potting station all of the things you see on it were strewn about the patio. Now everything is nice and orderly.

Lots of storage space is always good.

Now we can actually see what we have and remember to feed the plants.

There is also a section where holes are drilled so that way you can sweep any excess potting soil into a container below for reuse.

My husbands drill was not strong enough to drill these holes so that will be revisited later. I think the potting station came out awesome, and I feel really fortunate to have a husband that is handy.

A few months ago I potted some perennial seeds. Due to my wonderful planning I have no idea what they are but they are blooming. I think they are oh so cute.

I ordered some Coralbell seeds. Yes I’ve turned into one of those people who has to many pots on their patio. This is the last seed order I swear!