Makeup Bag

I decided I needed a bigger bag for my knitting notions. So I found another good tutorial at Sew Like My Mother  and I made these…

They are each a little different as far as the zipper spacing and the amount of fabric above the zipper but Im happy with how they came out and its a great new little bag for my scissors and stitch markers etc.  One of the bags I botched the lining on. The raw edges of the lining can be seen on the inside of the one with the pink zipper. I’m going to see if my mom wants the one with the good lining. Neither of them are perfect but I figure each project I sew is getting me closer to that goal of almost perfect.  There has been lots of knitting and lots of frogging ha ha. Knitting and frogging equals me being at about where I was a week ago with my knitting soooo hopefully no more frogging. These cute little bags took like an hour each. They might have taken me a week when I first started sewing. So I guess I won’t feel bad about my knitting setbacks because my sewing is getting a little better.  I hope everyone out there is doing a lot less frogging than I am. Have a good week!

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